Ahsoka Episode 5 Brings Back Anakin Skywalker and The Clone Wars in Live-Action


The latest episode of the Disney+ series Ahsoka, titled “Part Five: Shadow Warrior”, is a nostalgic and emotional journey for the former Jedi and her fans. The episode features the return of Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker, as well as several references and recreations of scenes from the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Ahsoka and Anakin Reunite in the World Between Worlds

The episode picks up from the cliffhanger of the previous one, where Ahsoka (Rosario Dawson) encounters her former master Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) in the mysterious World Between Worlds, a dimension that connects different points in time and space. The two engage in a fierce lightsaber duel, as Ahsoka tries to reason with Anakin, who is still haunted by his dark side and his betrayal of the Jedi Order.

The fight is interrupted by the voice of Ezra Bridger (Taylor Gray), who had previously entered the World Between Worlds in Star Wars Rebels and saved Ahsoka from Darth Vader. Ezra tells Ahsoka that he needs her help to stop Grand Admiral Thrawn, who is plotting to return with a powerful fleet and threaten the galaxy. Ahsoka agrees to join Ezra, but not before she tries to reach out to Anakin one last time.

She tells him that she still cares for him and that he can still choose to be a Jedi. She also reveals that she knows about his secret marriage to Padmé Amidala (Natalie Portman) and that she is pregnant with his children. She urges him to think about his family and his future, and not to give in to his anger and fear. Anakin is visibly moved by Ahsoka’s words, but he remains conflicted and unsure of his destiny.

Ahsoka Relives Her Memories of The Clone Wars

As Ahsoka and Ezra travel through the World Between Worlds, they encounter several portals that show glimpses of Ahsoka’s past. Ahsoka decides to enter some of them, hoping to find some answers or closure. She inhabits the body of her younger self (played by Ariana Greenblatt), who is still a Padawan learner under Anakin’s tutelage.

Ahsoka Episode 5 Brings Back

The first portal takes her back to the Battle of Ryloth, which was depicted in the first season of The Clone Wars. She sees Anakin in his original Clone Wars outfit, calling her by her nickname “Snips”. She also sees Captain Rex (Temuera Morrison) leading his clone troopers against the Separatist forces. She feels nostalgic and proud of her role in the war, but also sad and guilty for leaving the Jedi Order and abandoning her friends.

The second portal takes her to the Siege of Mandalore, which was shown in the final season of The Clone Wars. She sees herself wearing her updated outfit and wielding two white lightsabers, fighting against the Mandalorian super commandos loyal to Darth Maul (Sam Witwer). She also sees Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff), who had allied with her to liberate Mandalore from Maul’s tyranny. She remembers how this was one of her last missions as a Jedi, and how it coincided with the tragic events of Order 66 and Anakin’s fall to the dark side.

Ahsoka Episode 5 is a Fan-Service Blast From the Past

Ahsoka Episode 5 is a treat for fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, as it brings back many elements from the beloved animated series in live-action. The episode is directed by Dave Filoni, who was also the creator and executive producer of The Clone Wars. He clearly had a vision for this episode, as he recreates many scenes and details from the cartoon with great accuracy and care.

The episode also showcases Hayden Christensen’s performance as Anakin Skywalker, which has been praised by fans and critics alike. Christensen manages to capture both the heroic and tragic sides of Anakin, as well as his complex relationship with Ahsoka. He also delivers some iconic lines from The Clone Wars, such as “This is where the fun begins” and “I hate it when he does that”.

The episode also features some impressive visual effects and cinematography, especially in the World Between Worlds sequences. The World Between Worlds is depicted as a dark and surreal place, filled with stars, planets, portals, and strange creatures. The episode uses smoke, lighting, and color to create a dreamlike atmosphere that contrasts with the realistic style of the rest of the series.

Ahsoka Episode 5 is a fan-service blast from the past that pays homage to Star Wars: The Clone Wars while also advancing Ahsoka’s story in new and exciting ways. The episode sets up some intriguing possibilities for the future of the series, as Ahsoka joins forces with Ezra to stop Thrawn’s return. It also leaves some questions unanswered, such as what will happen to Anakin and whether he will ever redeem himself.

Ahsoka Episode 5, “Part Five: Shadow Warrior”, is streaming now on Disney+.


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