Apple CEO Tim Cook praised the 9-year-old Indian-origin girl who created an iOS app!


Apple CEO Tim Cook has praised a 9-year-old Indian girl who developed an iOS app used on Apple iPhones.

Smartphones have Android and iOS mobile operating systems. It includes the iOS operating system on Apple’s iPhones. Separate apps will be developed for the iOS operating system. One such iOS app has been developed by a 9-year-old Indian girl in Dubai.

At the age of 8, a girl named Hana Muhammad Rafiq created a storyteller app called “Hanaaz” that helps parents record stories. He also sent an email to Apple CEO Tim Cook with information about the app. Tim Cook, who read the email, sent a congratulatory message praising the girl. The girl said that she was very happy.

The girl, who introduced herself as a junior iOS developer, told the girl, “Congratulations on all your impressive achievements at such a young age. Keep it up and you’ll do amazing things in the future.” Tim Cook praised that.

Hana said that she was inspired to create this app by watching a documentary. And he said that he did it on his own initiative without using any third-party funds. He wrote 10,000 lines of code to create this app.

With this app, parents can record stories and listen to them at night when their children are sleeping.


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