Bengaluru Celebrates Ram Temple Consecration, Chants for Kashi and Mathura


Joy and Devotion in Jayanagar

On January 22, as the consecration ceremony and unveiling of the Ram Lalla idol took place in Ayodhya, the streets of Bengaluru’s Jayanagar resonated with the chant “Kashi Mathura baaki hai” (Kashi and Mathura remain). While the celebrations were centered around temples, special prayers, and devotional songs, residents gathered for a live screening outside the Vinayaka temple in Jayanagar. Kannada actor Tara was present at the event and expressed her happiness over the historic occasion.

The chant “Kashi Mathura baaki hai” refers to the demand of some Hindu groups to reclaim the mosques adjoining the Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi and Shrikrishna Janambhoomi in Mathura, which they believe were built over ancient Hindu temples. The Supreme Court had ruled in favour of the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya in 2019, ending a decades-long dispute over the site.

PM Modi Inaugurates Ram Temple in Ayodhya

The consecration of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya was a grand affair, attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, among others. Modi performed the ‘bhoomi pujan’ and laid the foundation stone of the temple, which will be built on the lines of the Nagara style of architecture. He also unveiled a 40-kg silver brick, which marked the symbolic start of the temple construction.

Bengaluru Celebrates Ram Temple

Modi addressed the gathering and said that the Ram Temple will become a symbol of India’s cultural heritage and national pride. He also invoked the ideals of Lord Ram and said that his life teaches us to uphold truth, justice, and harmony. He said that the temple will inspire future generations and usher in a new era of development and prosperity.

ISRO Releases Satellite Image of Ayodhya Ram Temple

The Hyderabad-based National Remote Sensing Centre of ISRO has provided a glimpse of the newly built Ram Temple in Ayodhya from space. Taken from the Indian Remote Sensing Satellite hovering over space, the image shows the grand new temple which will be inaugurated on January 22. The image, which was taken on December 16, last year, also shows Dasharath Mahal, the Ayodhya Railway Station and the pious Sarayu river.

ISRO shared the image on its official Twitter handle and congratulated the people of India on the occasion of the Ram Temple consecration. The image has received over 10,000 likes and 2,000 retweets, with many users expressing their admiration and gratitude to ISRO for capturing the historic moment.

Karnataka Government Faces Criticism for Not Declaring Holiday

The Karnataka government has faced criticism from the opposition parties and some sections of the society for not declaring a holiday on the occasion of the Ram Temple consecration in Ayodhya. The Congress in Karnataka termed the event a ‘political event’ and expressed scepticism about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s fast for 11 days ahead of the ceremony. The party also accused the BJP of using religion for electoral gains and polarising the society.

The JD(S) also questioned the government’s decision and said that it was an insult to the sentiments of the people who wanted to celebrate the event. The party said that the government should have declared a holiday or at least a half-day holiday to allow the people to participate in the festivities. The government, however, defended its stand and said that it had issued a circular to all the departments and offices to allow the employees to take leave if they wished to join the celebrations.


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