Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour brings a boost to Houston’s economy


Houston, the hometown of the global superstar Beyoncé, is buzzing with excitement as she returns for two sold-out shows at the NRG Stadium this weekend. The Renaissance World Tour, which features stunning visuals, elaborate costumes, and a live band, is expected to bring millions of dollars to the city’s economy.

A mini club renaissance at the Hyatt Regency Houston

One of the hotels that is benefiting from the influx of visitors is the Hyatt Regency Houston, which is located in downtown Houston. The hotel has created a mini club renaissance inspired by Beyoncé’s tour theme, featuring a giant disco ball, cocktails with Beyoncé-themed names, and a DJ playing her hits. The hotel’s marketing manager, Allie Kapinus, said that they have seen a significant increase in bookings compared to the same weekend last year. “We’ve definitely felt a bigger uptick from this year compared to this weekend last year,” she said. “It’s way more fun than a lot of other big convention groups. The whole city can get into it.”

Harris County becomes Bey County for the weekend

The county where Houston is located, Harris County, has also decided to honor Beyoncé by ceremoniously renaming itself as Bey County for Saturday and Sunday. The county commissioners approved a resolution this week to recognize the singer’s contributions to the arts, culture, and philanthropy.

Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour

The resolution also praised Beyoncé for being a role model for young people, especially women and girls of color. “Beyoncé is a global icon who has inspired millions of fans with her music, her style, and her message of empowerment,” the resolution stated. “She is a proud daughter of Harris County who has never forgotten her roots and continues to give back to her community.”

A positive impact on the local businesses and tourism

The Renaissance World Tour is not only a spectacle for the fans, but also a boon for the local businesses and tourism. According to Houston First, the city’s marketing agency, the tour is expected to generate about $15 million in direct spending and $30 million in economic impact for the city. The agency also estimated that the tour will attract about 150,000 visitors, including 50,000 from outside the Houston area. The tour will also create about 300 jobs and generate about $1.5 million in tax revenue for the city and county. “Beyoncé is a global phenomenon who brings people together from all walks of life,” said Brenda Bazan, the president and CEO of Houston First. “We are thrilled to welcome her and her fans to Houston and showcase our city’s vibrant and diverse culture.”


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