Big Changes in Netflix – There is a Problem in Reatining Users


Big Changes in Netflix: Internationally popular streaming company Netflix has reportedly announced plans to launch ads soon after losing a large number of subscribers in recent months and take steps to curb the use of multiple login passwords.

According to a new report, Netflix users will soon begin to see ads on the big screen. Netflix, the streaming platform, is stepping up its plans to launch ads by the end of this year. Confirming this, some of Netflix’s top executives have said they have informed by the company’s that the ads may come out by the end of 2022

Netflix, which has seen a major shift in the streaming market, is forced to change its recent business decisions and its strategy. It has reported that the head of the company is talking about bringing in ads for better revenue opportunities and changing the way people share their Netflix account with others.

The report said that Netflix is ​​preparing to take new steps to prevent or curb password sharing, which has been affecting streaming company Netflix’s revenue for years, and is currently preparing to bring ads to users’ screens within 3 months.

What are the Big Changes in Netflix

Netflix users are currently using double screen access and sharing their account and login details with others, including family and friends. So it has reported that it is planning to charge a fee with a small access fee for such users. Detailed information on this has expected to be released in detail in the coming months.

Mostly Netflix has customized its plans to suit different countries. Netflix continues to charge more in western countries than in developing countries. But in emerging markets like India the growth potential and customer statistics are different.

So Netflix offers its streaming plans in our country at Rs.149 per month. However in developing countries like India an international streaming company has to offer different offers to attract users. The introduction of advertisements will help to generate some revenue, though it considered to have a direct impact on retaining existing users.


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