Carmelo Hayes makes history with NXT Championship defense

Carmelo Hayes makes history

Carmelo Hayes, the current NXT Champion, achieved a historic feat on the latest edition of NXT Heatwave. He defended his title against Wes Lee in the main event, which was the first time ever that two African-American male superstars competed for the NXT Championship. The match also featured an African-American referee and ring announcer, making it a historic moment for WWE.

Hayes retains his title after a thrilling match

The match between Hayes and Lee was a banger of a contest, as both men showcased their athleticism and skills. Hayes used his speed and agility to counter Lee’s power and explosiveness. Lee, on the other hand, displayed his resilience and determination to dethrone Hayes.

The match had several near-falls and exciting moments, such as Lee hitting a moonsault from the top rope to the outside, Hayes countering Lee’s finisher with a superkick, and Lee kicking out of Hayes’ leg drop from the top rope. The crowd was fully invested in the match and cheered both competitors.

The end came when Hayes hit a springboard cutter on Lee and pinned him for the three count. Hayes celebrated his victory and retained his NXT Championship. He also showed respect to Lee by shaking his hand after the match.

Vic Joseph points out the historic significance of the match

During the introductions to the bout, WWE announcer Vic Joseph pointed out that history was being made with the NXT title match. He said:

“Booker, we talked about before this match started earlier, history being made. This is the first time ever that two African-American male superstars will compete in the main event for the NXT Championship. How significant is this moment? This is history!”

Booker T, who was on commentary with Joseph, agreed with him and praised both Hayes and Lee for their accomplishments. He said:

“This is huge, Vic. This is monumental. This is something that I never thought I would see in my lifetime. These two young men have worked so hard to get to this point, and they are making history tonight. They are representing not only themselves, but their families, their communities, and their culture. They are inspiring millions of people around the world who are watching this match.”

Hayes reacts to his historic win on social media

After the match, Hayes was interviewed backstage and he was quite elated over the victory. He said:

“I’m feeling great, man. I’m feeling blessed. I just made history with one of the best in the world, Wes Lee. He pushed me to my limit, but I proved that I’m the best in NXT. I’m the champion, and I’m not letting go of this title anytime soon.”

Hayes also tweeted about the match and stated it was an honor for him to create history with Lee. He said:

“What a night! What a match! What a moment! Thank you Wes Lee for giving me everything you got. You are a star, bro. And thank you to everyone who supported us and witnessed history. We did it for us. We did it for you. We did it for NXT.”

WWE referee Daphanie LaShaunn also reacted to the historic moment on Twitter. She said:

“I’m so proud to be a part of this historic match. It was an honor to officiate this amazing bout between two incredible athletes. Carmelo Hayes and Wes Lee, you guys are phenomenal. You made history tonight, and you made me proud.”


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