Chammanad Mahinka family celebrates its rich legacy with a grand reunion


The Chammanad Mahinka family, one of the oldest and largest families in India, is set to host a grand reunion on Sunday, January 28, 2024, at the Unity Academy Campus in Mangaluru. The event will bring together the 15th generation of descendants, who have spread across the world over the centuries. The reunion aims to celebrate the family’s cultural heritage, historical contributions, and shared values.

A remarkable testament to the enduring bonds of family

The Chammanad Mahinka family traces its roots back to the 18th century, when Chammanad Mahinka, a prominent merchant and philanthropist, settled in Mangaluru. He was known for his generosity, piety, and service to the community. He had four sons and two daughters, who married into different families and regions. Over the years, the family grew exponentially, with over 20,000 registered descendants today.

The family has maintained its strong ties and identity, despite the geographical and cultural diversity. The family has a trust, founded by Dr. CP Habeeb Rahman, Dr. TP Ahmed Ali, TCM Sheriff, and Prof. PCM Kunhi, that looks after the family’s rich history and welfare. The trust organizes regular get-togethers, scholarships, career counseling, and other initiatives to support the family members and the society at large.

Chammanad Mahinka family

The upcoming reunion is a rare and special occasion, as it will bring together the 15th generation of descendants, who are the direct bloodline of Chammanad Mahinka. The event will offer a platform for shared stories, cultural exchange, and the passing down of familial traditions. The event will also feature cultural programs, games, and competitions to showcase the talents and achievements of the family members.

A unique opportunity to connect with family roots and values

Dr. CP Habeeb Rahman, the chairman of the trust and the visionary behind the reunion, expressed his excitement and enthusiasm for the event. He said that he expects nearly a thousand family members to attend the reunion, which will be a memorable and historic experience for everyone.

He said that the reunion is not just a celebration of familial ties, but also a reaffirmation of the values that have shaped the Chammanad Mahinka family over generations. He said that the family has a legacy of faith, practice, mercantile pursuits, ethical values, and services to religious, educational, and socio-economic development. He said that the reunion will inspire the family members to uphold these values and contribute to the spiritual, intellectual, and material growth of society.

He also said that the reunion will help the family members to connect with their roots and heritage, and to appreciate the diversity and unity of the family. He said that the family has a rich and varied cultural heritage, with influences from different regions, languages, and customs. He said that the reunion will foster a sense of belonging and pride among the family members, and will also promote harmony and understanding among different communities.

A grand family get-together to remember

The Chammanad Mahinka family reunion is set to be a grand and festive affair, with elaborate arrangements and preparations. The event will be held at the Unity Academy Campus in Ashok Nagar, Mangaluru, which is a spacious and modern venue. The event will start at 9:30 am and will continue till 5:30 pm, with a lunch break in between.

The event will have a formal inauguration ceremony, followed by a welcome address by Dr. CP Habeeb Rahman. The event will also have a keynote speech by Dr. TP Ahmed Ali, a renowned historian and scholar, who will shed light on the family’s history and achievements. The event will also have a felicitation program, where the family elders and distinguished members will be honored and recognized.

The event will also have a cultural extravaganza, where the family members will showcase their talents and skills in various fields. The event will have musical performances, dance shows, drama skits, poetry recitations, and more. The event will also have fun-filled games and competitions, such as quiz, treasure hunt, tug of war, and more. The event will also have a photo booth, where the family members can capture their memories and moments.

The event will conclude with a vote of thanks by Prof. PCM Kunhi, followed by a group photo and a national anthem. The event will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Chammanad Mahinka family to celebrate its rich legacy and to strengthen its bonds of love and respect.


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