Cryptocurrency: Indian investors lose about Rs 1,000 crore – Massive cryptocurrency fraud exposed!


Cryptocurrency News: Cyber ​​criminals are committing massive fraud in the name of cryptocurrency. Shocking news has come out that Indian investors have lost up to Rs 1,000 crore in the latest scam.

Cryptocurrency frauds in India: The number of cyber crimes is increasing day by day. Cybercriminals are looking for new ways to deceive people.

After the popularity of cryptocurrency, cybercriminals are now committing digital currency-related scams. There have been numerous cryptocurrency frauds before. But, it is said to have never been like this.

Currently, Indian investors have lost more than Rs 1,000 crore, according to new information. Cyber ​​security company CloudSEK has also announced the best Android pseudo-crypto app currently in operation and its phishing domain.

Under the scam, the company claims that people are being deceived in the guise of fake crypto transactions. Learn more about this Crypto Scam.

CoinEgg is a
crypto trading platform available in the UK. The cyber criminal has created a fake website of the same name. This fake website looks very real.

According to the Cloud SEK report, “It copies the dashboard and user interface of the official website, which presents itself as the CoinEgg crypto trading platform.

Fraudsters promote fake transactions through social networks such as Facebook and Telegram. Gift coupons have also been announced to bring users to this fake site.

Fraudulent Kodak Account Money
Many users create accounts in these fake transactions. To trade, users have to deposit money in the account. Only then will fraudulent celebrities show their hand.

The money put in the account is completely disabled. After this, when users complain about an account freeze, hackers email their ID card and other bank details. Users think it is a real exchange and provide complete information for customer support. According to data released by CloudSEK, only one person caught in the crypto scam web has claimed that the user has lost about Rs 50 lakh in a fake cryptocurrency transfer scam.


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