Six fishermen rescued after boat capsizes near Mangaluru coast


Boat capsizes due to strong winds and rough seas

A fishing boat carrying 22 fishermen capsized in the Arabian Sea, near the Mangaluru coast, on Saturday morning, due to strong winds and rough seas. The boat, named Shree Raksha, had left the dock at 5 am on Friday and was expected to return on Saturday morning. However, the boat owner lost contact with the crew and alerted the Coast Guard and other boats in the vicinity.

According to the Coast Guard officials, the boat capsized around 4 am on Saturday, when it was about 15 nautical miles away from the shore. The fishermen managed to escape from the sinking boat and took shelter in two dinghies, which are small inflatable boats used for emergency purposes. The Coast Guard and the local fishermen launched a search and rescue operation and located the dinghies around 7 am. They rescued six fishermen from one dinghy and brought them to the shore. The other dinghy, with 16 fishermen, drifted away due to the strong currents and could not be traced.

Search operation continues for the missing fishermen

The Coast Guard and the local fishermen continued their search operation for the missing fishermen throughout the day, with the help of helicopters, ships, and boats. The Coast Guard also sought the assistance of the Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force for the aerial surveillance. The weather conditions, however, hampered the search efforts, as the visibility was low and the waves were high.

Fishing boat capsizes off Mangaluru coast

The Coast Guard officials said that they were hopeful of finding the missing fishermen alive, as they had life jackets and GPS devices with them. They also said that they had alerted the fishermen associations and the coastal police stations to keep a lookout for the missing dinghy. The Coast Guard also appealed to the public to inform them if they spot any sign of the missing fishermen or the dinghy.

Fishermen demand compensation and safety measures

The fishermen who were rescued from the capsized boat were taken to a hospital for a medical check-up and were later discharged. They said that they had a narrow escape from death and thanked the Coast Guard and the local fishermen for saving their lives. They also said that they had lost their boat, nets, and fish catch, which were worth several lakhs of rupees.

The fishermen association leaders demanded that the government should provide adequate compensation to the fishermen who lost their livelihood and assets in the incident. They also demanded that the government should ensure the safety and security of the fishermen who venture into the sea for fishing. They said that the government should provide them with proper communication devices, weather alerts, and rescue facilities in case of emergencies.

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Meta Description: A fishing boat capsized near Mangaluru coast on Saturday, leaving 16 fishermen missing. Six fishermen were rescued by the Coast Guard and the local fishermen.

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