Flooded Sydney – orders to evacuate!


 The public has been ordered to evacuate their homes immediately as heavy rain lashed Sydney and flooded its suburbs.

Thousands of residents in Sydney have been ordered to evacuate their homes immediately as heavy rains in Australia’s largest city, Sydney, have flooded its suburbs. A series of heavy rains have cut roads across Sydney.

Rescue efforts have been stepped up in western Sydney, which was hit by severe flooding last March. In Camden, a southwestern Sydney suburb of more than 100,000 people, shops and petrol stations were flooded.“This is a life-threatening emergency. Severe weather is expected over the coming days. People should be prepared to evacuate their homes at short notice,” New South Wales State Emergency Services Minister Stephanie Cook told reporters.

“Also, residents north and south of Sydney along Australia’s east coast should cancel their school holiday travel plans and move to safer places due to severe weather,” he warned.


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