Google revamps its feedback tool for mobile apps


Google has recently updated its feedback tool for mobile apps, making it more user-friendly and interactive. The feedback tool allows users to report issues or suggest ideas for Google’s products, and is available in most of the company’s apps on Android and iOS.

How does the new feedback tool work?

The new feedback tool provides a step-by-step process for users to share their feedback with Google. Users can access the tool by tapping on “Help & feedback” in the settings menu of most Google apps. The tool then asks users to choose whether they want to report an issue or suggest an idea. Depending on the choice, the tool offers different options for users to describe their problem or proposal. For example, if users want to report an issue with downloading or installing an app, they can select that option from a list and then provide more details in a text field. Users can also attach a screenshot and edit it to highlight or black out parts of the screen. The tool also asks users if they want to receive an email from Google for more information or updates on their feedback. After completing the steps, users can submit their feedback to Google with a single tap.

feedback tool for mobile apps

What are the benefits of the new feedback tool?

The new feedback tool aims to make it easier and faster for users to share their feedback with Google, and for Google to understand and address their needs and expectations. The tool also creates a more conversational and engaging experience for users, as they can interact with the tool through questions and answers. The tool also helps users to provide more specific and relevant feedback, as they can choose from predefined options and attach screenshots. By doing so, users can help Google improve its products and services, and also get more personalized and timely support.

What are some examples of the new feedback tool?

The new feedback tool is already available in most of Google’s mobile apps, such as Gmail, Google Play, Search, and Gemini. However, some apps, such as Google Messages, have not yet received the update. The online version of the feedback tool, which can be accessed through a side panel, is also unchanged. Here are some screenshots of the new feedback tool in action:


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