Google Meet’s new AI tool can attend meetings for you


Google has announced a new artificial intelligence tool for Google Meet that can take notes, summarize, and even attend meetings on your behalf. The tool, called Duet AI, is part of Google’s Workspace suite of applications and is designed to improve productivity and user experience.

Duet AI can take notes and summarize meetings in real time

One of the main features of Duet AI is the ability to take notes in real time during a meeting. Users can simply click “take notes for me” and the tool will capture a summary and action items as the meeting is going on. The tool can also generate real-time captions in over 300 languages, making it easier for participants to follow along and communicate across different languages.

If users are late to a meeting or miss it entirely, they can also use Duet AI to catch up on what happened. The tool can show a mid-meeting summary or a post-meeting recap that includes video clips of important moments. Users can also chat privately with a Google chatbot to go over details they might have missed or ask questions about the meeting.

Google Meet’s new AI tool

The note-taking feature of Duet AI is expected to be available in Google’s Workspace Labs in the coming months.

Duet AI can attend meetings on your behalf

Another feature of Duet AI is the ability to attend meetings on your behalf. Users can click an “attend for me” button on a meeting invite and Google will auto-generate some text about what they might want to discuss. Those notes will be viewable to attendees during the meeting so that they can discuss them.

This feature could be useful for users who are double-booked or have to skip a meeting due to an emergency. However, it could also pose some challenges if users abuse it or rely on it too much. For example, if everyone in the meeting sends their AI assistant, the meeting will end quickly without any human interaction.

Google has not announced when this feature will be available, but it is likely to be part of the Workspace Labs as well.

Duet AI can enhance your appearance and sound quality

Duet AI can also help users look and sound their best during a meeting with features such as studio look, studio lighting, and studio sound. These features can adjust the camera and sound quality to make users appear more professional and clear.

Additionally, Duet AI can also use dynamic tiles and face detection to give attendees in a meeting room their own video tile with their name. This can help remote participants see everyone in the conference room better and avoid confusion about who is speaking.

These features are part of Google’s efforts to make virtual meetings more engaging and inclusive for everyone.


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