Google News introduces new features to help users stay informed and engaged


Google News, the popular news aggregator service by Google, has announced some new features to help users stay informed and engaged with the latest news from around the world. The new features include:

  • Topics: Users can now browse news by topics, such as Business, Technology, Entertainment, Sports, Science, and Health. Users can also follow topics that interest them and get personalized recommendations based on their preferences.
  • Sections: Users can now access sections within each topic, such as Economy, Markets, Jobs, Personal Finance, and Entrepreneurship for Business. Sections provide more depth and diversity of coverage on specific aspects of a topic.
  • Live Stream: Users can now watch live streams of breaking news and events from various sources, such as CNN, BBC, NDTV, and more. Live streams are available on the homepage and within topics and sections.
  • Immersives: Users can now enjoy immersive storytelling experiences that combine text, images, videos, audio, and interactive elements. Immersives are curated by Google News editors and showcase the best journalism from around the world.

Google News said that the new features are designed to make news more accessible, relevant, and engaging for users. The new features are rolling out to users globally on the web and mobile devices.

Google News introduces new features

Google News faces antitrust scrutiny in India

Google News, the popular news aggregator service by Google, is facing antitrust scrutiny in India over its alleged abuse of market dominance and unfair practices. The Competition Commission of India (CCI), the country’s antitrust watchdog, has initiated an investigation into Google News after receiving complaints from several news publishers and industry associations.

The complainants have accused Google News of:

  • Favouring its own services and products over those of its competitors, such as Bing News, Yahoo News, and NewsHunt.
  • Discriminating against certain news sources and content based on their political, ideological, or commercial affiliations, and suppressing or demoting their visibility and ranking on Google News.
  • Exploiting its dominant position to impose unfair terms and conditions on news publishers, such as requiring them to share their content and revenue with Google, and restricting their ability to monetize their content through other platforms or channels.
  • Violating the data privacy and security of users and news publishers, by collecting, processing, and using their personal and sensitive data without their consent, and sharing it with third parties for commercial purposes.

The CCI has ordered its director general to conduct a detailed investigation into the matter and submit a report within 60 days. The CCI has also asked Google News to cooperate with the investigation and furnish relevant information and documents.

Google News has denied the allegations and said that it operates in compliance with the law and the interests of users and publishers. Google News said that it provides a valuable service to users by helping them discover and access diverse and high-quality news content from thousands of sources. Google News also said that it supports news publishers by driving traffic and revenue to their websites, and by offering various tools and programs to help them grow and innovate.

Google News launches new initiative to support local journalism

Google News, the popular news aggregator service by Google, has launched a new initiative to support local journalism and community news in the US. The initiative, called Google News Showcase, is a $1 billion investment by Google to pay news publishers for their content and to create new products and features for local news.

Google News Showcase will feature:

  • Curated news panels: News publishers can create and curate news panels that highlight their original and in-depth reporting on local issues and topics. Users can access these panels on Google News and Discover, and get more context and perspective on the stories that matter to them.
  • Enhanced news experiences: News publishers can enhance their news experiences with new features, such as timelines, bullet points, related articles, and video and audio clips. Users can also access these features on Google News and Discover, and get more information and engagement on the stories they follow.
  • Subscription and membership benefits: News publishers can offer subscription and membership benefits to their readers, such as access to paywalled content, exclusive newsletters, podcasts, and events. Users can also access these benefits on Google News and Discover, and get more value and loyalty from the news sources they trust.

Google News Showcase will initially partner with over 200 news publishers from across the US, including The Boston Globe, The Dallas Morning News, The Miami Herald, The Seattle Times, and more. Google News Showcase will also expand to other countries and regions in the future.

Google News said that the new initiative is part of its ongoing commitment to support quality journalism and local news. Google News said that it recognizes the vital role of local news in informing and empowering communities, and that it wants to help news publishers succeed and thrive in the digital age.


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