How to Decorate Crutches and Make Them Stylishly Yours

How to Decorate Crutches
How to Decorate Crutches

Crutches are essential mobility aids that help in supporting and easing pressure off injured or disabled legs. They provide a great deal of support and allow people to move around without discomfort. However, traditional metal crutches can be unappealing, and the generic design might not match your style or personality. Fortunately, you can decorate your crutches in unique and creative ways. In this article, we will be sharing some tips and tricks on how to decorate your crutches and make them uniquely yours.

How to Decorate Crutches

Choose the Right Materials

To decorate your crutches, you will need to first ensure that you have the right materials. Here are some materials you can use:

  • Spray paint
  • Duct tape
  • Decals
  • Fabric or patterned tape
  • Sharpies or markers
  • Stickers and embellishments

Paint Your Crutches

Spray painting your crutches is a great way to add a pop of color and personalization. Choose a paint that adheres well to metal and follow these steps:

Disassemble the crutches and cover the cuffs with painter’s tape or remove them completely.

  • Sand the metal surface using fine-grit sandpaper.
  • Wipe the crutches down with a dry cloth to remove any dust or dirt.
  • Apply a coat of primer to help the paint adhere and let it dry.
  • Apply the paint in thin, even layers and let each coat dry before adding another layer.
  • Add a clear coat sealer to protect the paint from chipping and scratching.

Add Decals and Stickers

Decals and stickers are an easy way to add some personality to your crutches. You can find them in various sizes, patterns, and designs. Here’s how to apply them:

  • Clean your crutches with a damp cloth and let them dry completely.
  • Peel the backing off the decal or sticker and position it where you want it on the crutch.
  • Smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles using your fingers or a credit card.
  • Apply clear sealant or Mod Podge to protect your decals or stickers from damage.

Duct Tape

Duct tape comes in various colors and designs and can be used to cover metal crutches. Here’s how to do it:

  • Choose a duct tape that you like and cut a length to the size of your crutches.
  • Apply the duct tape to the crutches, starting at the top and working your way down.
  • Use a credit card or squeegee to smooth out any wrinkles or air bubbles.
  • Add extra sheets of duct tape to cover any gaps or seams.

Wrap Them in Fabric

You can also cover your crutches with colorful fabrics to add some texture and decoration. Here’s how to do it:

  • Remove the cuffs from your crutches.
  • Cut a piece of fabric to the size of the crutch you want to cover.
  • Apply glue to the back of the fabric and wrap it tightly around the crutch, smoothing out wrinkles as you go.
  • Trim the excess fabric and glue down the edges.

Add Embellishments

Decorate your crutches with various embellishments like buttons, charms, or even pieces of jewelry. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Clean your crutches with a damp cloth and let them dry completely.
  • Choose the embellishments you want to use and arrange them on your crutches.
  • Use glue to attach the embellishments to your crutches and let them dry completely.


In conclusion, crutches don’t have to be plain and boring. By following the tips in this article, you can decorate your crutches and make them stylishly yours. Get creative and use materials that match your personal style. Remember to take care not to add too much weight or reduce the functionality of your crutches, making them less safe to use. With a little creativity and some basic supplies, you can make your crutches into something you’ll be proud to show off.


1. Can I use any type of paint to decorate my crutches?

No, not all types of paint are suitable for metal crutches. It’s best to use a paint that adheres well to metal surfaces, such as spray paint. Make sure to also use a primer to help the paint adhere better.

2. Can I still use my decorated crutches for support?

Yes, as long as you don’t add too much weight or cover any essential parts of the crutches, you can still use them for support. However, make sure to check with your doctor or physical therapist before making any modifications to your crutches.

3. How do I remove decals or stickers from my crutches?

You can remove decals or stickers by using a hairdryer to heat up the adhesive and then gently peeling them off. If there is any residue left behind, you can use rubbing alcohol or adhesive remover to clean it off.

4. Can I decorate my crutches without disassembling them?

Yes, you can decorate your crutches without disassembling them, but it might be more challenging to cover all the parts. If you want to cover the cuffs or the handles, it’s best to remove them first.

5. Can I use any type of fabric to cover my crutches?

You can use any type of fabric to cover your crutches, but it’s best to choose a fabric that is durable, easy to clean, and won’t fray easily. Cotton or polyester blends are good options. Make sure to also use a strong glue that can withstand wear and tear.


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