Indians dominating US government administration…more than ever before!


The first choice of Indians who want to work abroad is still America. Lakhs of Indians are working there in various fields including software, banks, hotel management, and aviation. Many of these Tamils ​​are holding high positions in American companies.

In this situation, American Indians are now looking for high positions in the government. Kamala Harris, a native of Tamil Nadu, India, is serving as the Vice President of the United States. Following him, Joe Biden appointed hundreds of American Indians to various high positions in the US government.

A total of about 150 Indians have been appointed as senior officials in various important departments including the US State Department and the US Embassy.

Since the Obama administration, American Indians have been given importance in the administration of the US government. Even though this practice continued during the administration of Donald Trump, Indians living in the United States are proud to say that it was during the administration of the current President Joe Biden that so many Indians were appointed to high positions in the government administration.


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