iPhone 15 users report BMW’s wireless charger damages NFC chip


Some iPhone 15 users have reported that their phones’ NFC chips stopped working after using the wireless charger in their BMW cars. The NFC chip is responsible for enabling features like Apple Pay and AirDrop. The problem seems to affect only the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models, and it is not clear if it can be fixed by a software update.

BMW wireless charger may cause irreversible damage

According to several posts on MacRumors Forums and X (formerly Twitter), users noticed that their iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max phones went into data recovery mode and rebooted after charging them on the BMW wireless pad. After that, they received a message saying “Could not set up Apple Pay” and found out that their NFC chips were no longer functioning. Some users said that Apple confirmed that the NFC chip was damaged and had to replace the entire phone, as the chip is not removable.

iPhone 15 users report BMW’s wireless

One user claimed that the problem also occurred in his Toyota Supra, which uses BMW parts. Another user speculated that the issue might be related to the magnetic alignment of the wireless charger and the iPhone 15, which has a MagSafe feature that allows it to attach to compatible accessories. However, this has not been verified by Apple or BMW.

iPhone 15 faces other charging issues

This is not the only charging-related problem that the iPhone 15 has encountered since its launch. Many users have also reported that their phones get very hot while charging, sometimes reaching temperatures as high as 48°C. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that this was due to the phone’s new thermal design, not its powerful SoC. He added that Apple was aware of the situation and would issue a patch soon to reduce the overheating without affecting the performance.

It is unclear if the two problems are connected or if they have a common cause. It is also unknown if the problem affects other wireless chargers or other iPhone models. Until Apple or BMW provide a solution, users are advised to avoid charging their iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max phones on the BMW wireless pad.


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