iPhone users will soon have to adjust to this small but significant change

iPhone users

Apple is making a subtle change to the iPhone’s software that will likely mess with your muscle memory: The big red “end call” button is moving. The iPhone’s phone app will get a series of updates coming to iOS 17, including an updated design that repositions the hang up button to the bottom right of the screen, next to other functions such as mute, keypad and speaker. This means that users will have to reach for the lower part of the screen instead of the center to end a call.

The change was spotted by 9to5Mac, which obtained an early version of iOS 17 and shared screenshots of the new phone app. According to the website, the redesign is meant to make the phone app more consistent with other apps that use a bottom bar for navigation, such as Safari, Mail and Music. The new phone app also adds a “Recents” tab that shows the call history and a “Contacts” tab that shows the favorite contacts and groups.

A minor inconvenience or a major improvement?

The new position of the end call button may seem like a minor inconvenience for some users who are used to tapping the center of the screen to hang up. However, it could also be seen as a major improvement for others who find it easier to reach the bottom part of the screen, especially on larger devices such as the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The new design could also reduce the chances of accidentally ending a call by touching the center of the screen.

Some users on social media have expressed their opinions on the change, with mixed reactions. Some praised Apple for making the phone app more intuitive and user-friendly, while others criticized Apple for fixing something that was not broken and making the phone app more cluttered and confusing.

What else is coming to iOS 17?

The redesigned phone app is just one of the many features and changes that are expected to come to iOS 17, which is likely to be released in September along with the new iPhone 15 models. Some of the other features and changes include:

  • A new FaceTime app that allows users to share their screen, watch videos and listen to music together, and join calls from Android and Windows devices via web links.
  • A new Focus mode that lets users customize their notifications and home screen based on different scenarios, such as work, personal, sleep or gaming.
  • A new Live Text feature that recognizes text in photos and allows users to copy, paste, translate or search for it.
  • A new Wallet app that supports digital IDs, such as driver’s licenses and passports, as well as keys for cars, hotels and offices.
  • A new Safari app that has a simplified toolbar at the bottom of the screen, tab groups and extensions support.
  • A new Weather app that has more detailed and animated maps, next-hour precipitation notifications and air quality information.
  • A new Maps app that has more realistic and detailed 3D views, interactive globes and transit features.


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