IPS officer’s tweet on Ram Mandir sparks controversy and speculation


D. Roopa Moudgil praises PM Modi and Ram Mandir on social media

D. Roopa Moudgil, a senior IPS officer of Karnataka cadre, posted a series of tweets on January 22, 2024, the dedication day of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. In her tweets, she expressed her admiration for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his speech on the occasion. She also recalled an incident from her childhood when a youth lost his life in a police firing during the Ram Janmabhoomi movement in her hometown Davanagere.

Moudgil wrote, “I can’t forget this particular incident–during Ram Janmabhoomi struggle,sometime in Dec 1991,while I was in school,my town Davanagere witnessed golibar/police firing in which a youth Prakash Ninganna (if I remember correctly) lost his life. This news was carried only on BBC radio those times. Rooted in such raw and pure sacrifices of many, Lord Ram temple that is a reality today is built not just on faith, emotions but on strong legal grounds and is prashnateet/ unquestionable. Not able to comprehend why a few still have issues.”

IPS officer’s

She also shared another tweet, praising Modi’s speech and his interpretation of the Jatayu episode from the Ramayana. She wrote, “In the energising speech of h’ble PM .@narendramodi ji wherein each phrase and sentence was impregnated with meaning n significance,one that impacted me the most is the perspective to Jatayu incident…Jatayu who willingly fought Ravana,knowing the latter’s might. PM exhorting everyone to follow example of Jatayu to voluntarily act and shed the feeling of helplessness,to do one’s duty fighting adharma/injustice is so motivating to even make the dead come alive,act, immerse in nation building.”

Netizens react with mixed responses and questions

Moudgil’s tweets received mixed responses from netizens, some of whom supported her views, while others questioned her motives and political affiliations. Some also asked her if she would contest the elections on a BJP ticket, given her apparent endorsement of the ruling party and its leader.

Kiran Rajanahalli, who responded to her tweet, said, “Yes, Roopa, you said it. I too remember those days. Rama temple built on its own land with all legal grounds. People have been patiently waiting for many years to get this right legally.”

Srinivasa Kulkarni said, “Very true… during 1990, in Davanagere Hindus death rate was increase day by day, but media was hidden all true information. As per local news total death toll was 17 to 23. Actual is more than 50+,” he commented.

Ashish Mukherjee says, “Dislike of the dispensation or dislike of what the temple stands for. Yes, there are many such people. Many people even question SC on every matter nowadays, just because SC judgments do not align with their thinking. Very unfortunate. 1

K Sudhakar Patnaik says, “I too remember and findout my old files to go through the same incident and some facts finding reports. Infact i also followed to cover the story on Murali Manohar Joshi to jeypore during his Rathyatra in Koraput district of Odisha. Had no pas to attend his press meet. Mr Syma Sundar hamsada IPS was our Sp Koraput asked me to attend the press meet. Do you contest in general elections with BJP ticket or what Ms Roopa Modigil ji”

Moudgil’s political aspirations and controversies

Moudgil, who is currently serving as the Inspector General of Police (IGP) of Home Guards and Civil Defence in Karnataka, has been vocal about her political opinions and aspirations in the past. She had expressed her desire to join politics after retirement and had praised Modi and Yogi Adityanath for their governance.

She had also faced several controversies and transfers during her career, most notably for exposing the alleged irregularities and corruption in the Bengaluru Central Prison, where AIADMK leader Sasikala was lodged. She had accused then Director General of Police (Prisons) H.N. Sathyanarayana Rao of accepting bribes from Sasikala for providing her special privileges in the jail.

She had also been involved in a spat with the then Bengaluru Police Commissioner T. Suneel Kumar over the use of police vehicles for personal purposes. She had also criticised the state government for imposing a lockdown in Bengaluru amid the COVID-19 pandemic, calling it a “draconian measure”.

Ram Mandir’s significance and controversy

The Ram Mandir, which was inaugurated by Modi on August 5, 2023, is a temple dedicated to Lord Ram, the seventh avatar of Vishnu, in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. The temple is built on the site of the demolished Babri Masjid, a 16th-century mosque that was razed by Hindu activists in 1992, claiming that it was built on the birthplace of Ram.

The demolition of the mosque had triggered communal riots across the country, killing over 2,000 people. The dispute over the ownership of the land had been pending in various courts for decades, until the Supreme Court delivered its verdict on November 9, 2019, in favour of the Hindu side, paving the way for the construction of the temple.

The temple is seen by many Hindus as a symbol of their faith, culture and history, while many Muslims and secularists see it as a symbol of injustice, communalism and majoritarianism. The temple has also been a political issue for various parties, especially the BJP, which had made it a part of its core agenda since the 1980s.


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