Its Night curfew in Ludhiyana, Punjab as hike in Covid-19 cases each day

Curfew Punjab as more covid cases

Its been 365 days since India faced phase -I lockdown of 21 days from March 23 to April 14. After the 21 days lockdown, there were series of lockdown and many protective measures and restrictions for the public due to increase in more positive cases throughout India. What has changed? After December, actually the graph took a dip in many cities. In some states, there were very few to nil cases of covid-19. Around the month of -February, People were back to normal where no traces of covid – 19 was seen among them. In the mean while, some countries were actually hit by second wave of corona virus and many people lost their close family and friends.

Second wave in India?

Now, India fears for the second wave of corona virus and it has witnessing sudden high in covid-19 positive cases in the last one week. Maharashtra facing another severe hike and Delhi reports nearly 1000 cases every day. Though Prime minister and other medical authorities says no urge in lockdown but in many states were looking for night curfew and restrictions for the large gatherings.

Night curfew in many cities

In Jaipur and few cities in Rajasthan, government declared its night curfew. Whereas in Tamilnadu, schools were again closed for classes 9,10,11 where it was partially opened in the month of January.

Ludhiyana, Punjab the curfew was imposed between 11pm to 5am till it get further orders. But recently,the curfew time has been extended two more hours from 9pm to 5am with indefinite period.

So, the only way to fight against corona virus even with Vaccines behind is to wear mask, maintain social distancing and avoid large gatherings for parties and funcions.

So Stay safe!! Stay healthy!!


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