Jack in the Box employee claims self-defense after shooting at customers over curly fries


A Jack in the Box employee who was caught on video shooting at a customer’s car in the drive-thru window over a missing order of curly fries has defended herself, saying she was provoked and threatened by the customer. The incident, which happened in March 2021, has sparked a lawsuit against the fast food chain by the customer, who claims he and his family were in danger of being killed.

Dispute over curly fries turns violent

According to the lawsuit filed by Anthony Ramos, he stopped at the Jack in the Box on JFK Boulevard near Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas, after picking up his pregnant wife and 6-year-old daughter from the airport. He ordered a combo meal that included curly fries, but when he received his bag of food, he realized the fries were missing. He then asked the employee, Alonniea Ford-Theriot, to give him the fries he paid for, but she refused and told him to drive away.

Jack in the Box employee claims self-defense

The video, which was obtained by Ramos’ attorney Randall Kallinen through discovery, shows Ford-Theriot closing the drive-thru window and walking away. She then returns with a handgun in her pocket and checks it before putting it back. She then throws ice, ketchup and other items at Ramos, who throws a drink cup at the window. Ford-Theriot then fires several shots at Ramos’ car as he speeds away. No one was injured in the shooting.

Employee says she was racially abused and threatened

Ford-Theriot, who was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of deadly conduct and received a deferred sentence. She told ABC13 that she was not an angry person, but a woman trying to work for her family. She said Ramos was calling her racial slurs and threatening her, which he denies. She said she asked him to leave several times, but he refused. She said she did not intend to shoot at him, but only to scare him away.

“I’m not going to pull out no gun and shoot at somebody over no curly fries. Come on,” she said.

Her boyfriend, Kevin Theriot, was also arrested for allegedly trying to hide the gun at her request.

Customer sues Jack in the Box for negligence

Ramos, who is seeking $1 million in damages, sued Jack in the Box for negligence, claiming the company failed to do background checks on its employees and exposed its customers to a dangerous situation. He said he and his family were traumatized by the incident and feared for their lives.

“She’s aiming. She’s leaning. She’s not just going up in the air. She’s trying to kill them,” Kallinen said at a news conference. “It was pointed right at me. I’m surprised she didn’t get me,” Ramos added.

Jack in the Box has denied any responsibility for the actions of Ford-Theriot, saying it has no control over and is not legally responsible for third parties.

“These rage cases are getting out of hand in Houston,” Kallinen said.


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