Jenelle Evans’ Son Jace Returns Home Safely After Running Away Twice


Jace, 14, was found at a gas station near his family home

Jenelle Evans’ son Jace, 14, has been found safe after going missing for a second time in the last two weeks, according to TMZ. The teen was apparently found at a gas station after leaving their home in North Carolina on Monday. Jenelle’s manager, August Keen, told the outlet that Jace was gone for several hours without contact, causing his mom to grow concerned and get the cops involved in finding him. The gas station that Jace was located at was 10 minutes from his family home, and it’s unclear if he was alone or with friends.

Jenelle Evans is a former star of the reality TV show Teen Mom 2, which chronicled her life as a young mother. She shares Jace with her ex Andrew Lewis, whom she dated during her teen years. Jenelle also has two other children, Kaiser, 9, and Ensley, 6, with her husband David Eason.

Jace had run away earlier this month after getting in trouble at school

The situation happened just weeks after he was reported missing after he left school earlier this month. Jenelle spoke out about the incident and explained why she was concerned, in a statement shortly after the report made headlines.

Jenelle Evans’ Son Jace Returns

“As a boy mom, kids can act up and rebel as I’m sure the majority of us all once did as kids too. Jace got in trouble at school, we decided to take his phone away and that’s when he decided to run off,” she told TMZ at the time. He was later found safe, and his reason for running away was reportedly because his phone was taken away by Jenelle.

Jenelle regained custody of Jace earlier this year after a long legal battle

Jenelle had been fighting for custody of Jace for years, as her mother Barbara had been given custody of him back in 2009. Jenelle revealed that she had taken over custody earlier this year, in a video posted on her Instagram account.

“#MyHappyEnding, ITS OFFICIAL! Thanks everyone for the support!” she wrote alongside the heartwarming clip that showed her signing paperwork and talking about getting Jace back into her home. “Words can’t describe how happy I truly am. Our family is complete now! Thank you mom. ❤️😭”

August further told TMZ that Jace has been home with Jenelle and David since he was found on Monday, and they are all getting along. August also said that the teen wants to have more freedom as he gets older and has just been acting like a typical teenager.


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