Sophie Turner’s Alleged Negative Comments on Ring Camera Sparked Joe Jonas’ Divorce Decision


The shocking revelation of the ring camera footage

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s divorce has taken a dramatic turn as new details emerge about the ring camera footage that allegedly influenced Jonas’ decision to end their marriage. According to a report by News18, Jonas watched the content of the ring camera installed in their Miami home, which showed Turner making negative comments about him and their relationship. The report claims that Turner was unaware of the camera and that Jonas had access to the footage through his phone.

The report also alleges that Turner was seen talking to a friend on the phone and complaining about Jonas’ busy schedule, his lack of attention, and his music career. She reportedly said that she was unhappy with their marriage and that she wanted to move back to England with their two daughters, Willa and D. She also allegedly made fun of Jonas’ appearance and his performance in bed, saying that he was not satisfying her sexually.

The report cites a source close to Jonas, who said that he was shocked and hurt by Turner’s comments and that he felt betrayed by her. The source said that Jonas had tried to make their marriage work and that he loved Turner and their children. The source added that Jonas had filed for divorce after watching the footage and that he wanted joint custody of their daughters.

The legal battle over the custody and the location of the divorce proceedings

The divorce between Jonas and Turner has become a legal battle as they disagree over the custody of their children and the location of the divorce proceedings. Turner has filed a lawsuit in a Manhattan court on Sept. 21, requesting that their two kids be returned to England, where she is currently filming a TV series. She also alleged that she learned of Jonas’ divorce filing “through the media,” which a representative for Jonas denied in a statement to PEOPLE, saying that Turner was aware of the filing and that they had multiple conversations about it.

Sophie Turner’s Alleged Negative Comments on Ring Camera

Turner also wants the divorce case to be heard in England, where she claims to have a stronger connection and where she believes the laws are more favorable to her. She argues that their marriage was mainly based in England, where they had a second wedding ceremony in 2019, and that their children were born there. She also claims that Jonas has been living in different locations in the US and that he has no permanent residence.

Jonas, on the other hand, prefers the case to be heard in the US, where he filed for divorce in Florida. He argues that their marriage was mainly based in the US, where they had their first wedding ceremony in Las Vegas in 2019, and where they bought a home in Miami. He also claims that he has been spending more time with their children in the US and that he has a stronger connection to the country.

The reaction of the fans and the celebrities to the divorce news

The divorce news of Jonas and Turner has shocked and saddened many fans and celebrities, who have expressed their support and sympathy for the couple on social media. Some of the celebrities who have commented on the news include Taylor Swift, who is a close friend of Turner and who has reportedly loaned her New York apartment to her amid the divorce drama, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, who are Joe’s brother and sister-in-law and who have posted heartfelt messages for the couple, and Maisie Williams, who is Turner’s former Game of Thrones co-star and best friend and who has said that she is always there for her.

The fans of the couple have also shared their reactions to the news, with some expressing their disbelief and sadness, and others expressing their anger and disappointment. Some fans have blamed Turner for the divorce, accusing her of being ungrateful and disrespectful to Jonas, while others have blamed Jonas for the divorce, accusing him of being selfish and unfaithful to Turner. Some fans have also speculated about the possible reasons for the divorce, such as the age difference between the couple, the pressure of fame and fame, and the influence of their families and friends.

The divorce of Jonas and Turner is one of the most shocking and unexpected celebrity splits of 2023, as they seemed to be one of the most stable and happy couples in Hollywood. They started dating in 2016, when Turner was 20 and Jonas was 27, and they got engaged in 2017. They had two wedding ceremonies in 2019, one in Las Vegas and one in France, and they welcomed their first daughter Willa in July 2020 and their second daughter D. in 2022. They have been known for their adorable and romantic social media posts, their matching tattoos, and their support for each other’s careers.


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