Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah slams BJP for separating Ram from his companions


Siddaramaiah inaugurates Ram temple in Bengaluru

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Monday inaugurated a Ram temple in Bengaluru and said he did not do it for political reasons. He said he had built a Sriramachandra temple in his village and he worships the Ram of Mahatma GandhiHe accused the BJP of politicising Lord Ram and projecting the Congress as anti-Hindu.

Siddaramaiah said he did not go to Ayodhya on Monday, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed the ‘Pran Pratishtha’ ceremony of the Ram temple, because he did not want to be part of the BJP’s agenda. He said he would go to Ayodhya some other day and pay his respects to Lord Ram

Siddaramaiah questions lone idol of Ram in Ayodhya temple

Siddaramaiah also questioned the installation of the lone statue of Lord Ram in the Ayodhya temple and said it was against the tradition and culture of Hinduism. He said Ram is incomplete without Lakshman, Sita and Hanuman and the BJP has separated him from his companionsHe said this was not correct and showed the BJP’s lack of respect for Lord Ram.

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah slams BJP

He wondered whether the Ram in Ayodhya was different from the Ram in villages across India. He said Ram belongs to everyone and he is not the God of the BJP alone. He said the Congress also worships Ram and respects his values. He said the BJP does not follow the ideals of Ram and uses him for political gains

Siddaramaiah challenges BJP to debate on development issues

Siddaramaiah also challenged the BJP to debate on the development issues of Karnataka and said the Congress government has done more for the welfare of the people than the BJP. He said the BJP has failed to fulfil its promises and has only indulged in corruption and communalismHe said the BJP has no moral right to criticise the Congress and should first answer the charges against its leaders.

He said the Congress government has implemented several schemes for the benefit of the farmers, the poor, the women, the youth and the minorities. He said the Congress has also maintained law and order and protected the secular fabric of the state. He said the BJP has only created divisions and hatred among the people and has tried to polarise the voters on religious lines

Siddaramaiah confident of Congress victory in upcoming elections

Siddaramaiah also expressed confidence that the Congress will win the upcoming elections in Karnataka and will form the government again. He said the people of the state have seen the performance of the Congress and the BJP and will make the right choiceHe said the Congress will fight the elections on the basis of its achievements and will expose the failures and misdeeds of the BJP.

He said the Congress will also highlight the central government’s neglect and injustice towards Karnataka and will demand its rightful share of resources and funds. He said the Congress will also raise the issues of farmers’ distress, unemployment, inflation, GST, demonetisation and Rafale scam and will hold the BJP accountable for them. He said the Congress will also present its vision and agenda for the future development of the state.


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