Katy Perry and Kristen Bell Hinted at Russell Brand’s Dark Side Years Ago


Perry said she had the “real truth” about Brand locked in a safe

Katy Perry, who was married to Russell Brand for 14 months, said in a 2013 interview that she found out the “real truth” about her ex-husband after their divorce. She did not reveal what the truth was, but said she kept it in a safe for a rainy day. She also said that Brand was very controlling and did not like her being the boss in her own career. She claimed that he ended their marriage via text message and never spoke to her again.

Perry’s comments have resurfaced amid allegations that Brand sexually assaulted four women, including a 16-year-old girl, between 2006 and 2013. The allegations were revealed in a joint investigation by The Times of London and Channel 4 Dispatches, which aired on Saturday. Brand has denied the accusations and said he was “very, very promiscuous” at the time, but his relationships were consensual.

Bell said she threatened to “lop off” Brand’s nuts if he tried anything

Kristen Bell, who co-starred with Brand in the 2008 comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall, also hinted at his predatory behavior in a 2010 interview. She said she made it clear to him that she would “sock him in the balls” or “lop off his nuts” if he tried to mess with her or get in her pants. She said he did not attempt anything with her, but added that he always went “that step too far” with other women.

Bell’s remarks have gone viral on social media, as fans have pointed out how uncomfortable she looked in some scenes with Brand in the movie. They have also shared clips of Brand’s inappropriate actions on other occasions, such as when he bounced actress Katharine McPhee on his lap on The Tonight Show in 2013, or when he joked about raping someone and killing her in a podcast interview that same year.

Brand faces police investigation and public backlash

Brand is facing a police investigation and a public backlash over the allegations against him. According to The Times, British police have received a report of a sexual assault that took place in London in 2003. They did not name Brand, but mentioned the TV and newspaper allegations. They urged anyone with information to come forward.

Katy Perry and Kristen Bell Hinted

Brand has posted a video on his social media, in which he condemned the “extremely egregious and aggressive attacks” on his character. He said he was “deeply saddened” by the claims and that he had “nothing to hide”. He also said he had changed his life since becoming sober and spiritual.

However, many people have expressed their disgust and disbelief at Brand’s denial. Some have called for him to be canceled or boycotted, while others have praised the courage of his accusers. Some have also questioned why Perry and Bell did not speak out sooner or more explicitly about Brand’s behavior.


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