Lightning strikes oil depot in Cuba – 121 injured


A fire broke out in an oil warehouse in Matanzas, Cuba last Friday after lightning struck.

According to the information received so far, 121 people have been injured in this accident. It is reported that the search for 17 more people is going on intensively. Around 1,900 people in the vicinity of the fire have been evacuated to safer areas.

The country’s firefighting and rescue teams are working hard to bring the fire under control. The health officer of the area said that the body of an unidentified person has been recovered. Five of those injured in the crash were hospitalized with serious injuries and three more with very serious injuries, the Cuban government said.

When the fire broke out, 17 soldiers were involved in trying to stop the fire from spreading. As of now, no information is available from them, the search for them is going on. As the country’s soldiers struggle to contain the fire, Cuba has asked for help from its allies. According to it, other countries are helping to put out the fire at the oil depot in Cuba. Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel thanked the countries that helped Mexico, Venezuela, Russia, Nicaragua, Argentina, and Chile. He also thanked the United States for providing technical advice.

It is reported that the first tank contained 26,000 cubic meters of crude oil while there were a total of 8 large tanks of crude oil in the oil depot where the fire occurred. The extent of damage caused by this accident is not known. This accident has caused a lot of excitement in the last few days when there is a shortage of fuel in Cuba. Due to this incident, the normal life of the people in the surrounding area has been greatly affected.


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