macOS Sonoma: The Best Features of the Latest Mac Update


Apple has released macOS Sonoma, the latest version of its operating system for Mac computers. macOS Sonoma brings a host of new features and improvements that make the Mac experience better than ever. Here are some of the best features of macOS Sonoma that you should know about.

Widgets and Screen Savers on Desktop

One of the most noticeable changes in macOS Sonoma is the ability to place widgets on your desktop. Widgets are small apps that display useful information or perform simple tasks, such as showing the weather, playing music, or controlling smart home devices. You can access a new widget gallery from the menu bar and drag and drop widgets to your desktop. You can also resize and rearrange them as you like.

Widgets on your desktop can also interact with your wallpaper, which can change depending on the time of day or your location. For example, if you have a widget that shows the sunrise and sunset times, your wallpaper will reflect the current lighting conditions. You can also use widgets from your iPhone on your Mac, thanks to the Continuity feature that syncs your devices.

The Best Features of the Latest Mac Update

Another new feature in macOS Sonoma is the stunning new screen savers that show slow-motion videos of beautiful locations around the world, such as Hong Kong, Monument Valley, and Sonoma. These screen savers look amazing on your large Mac display and can also become your desktop wallpaper after you log in.

Enhanced Video Conferencing Features

macOS Sonoma also brings some powerful new features for video conferencing, which can help you present and share your work more effectively within any video conferencing app. One of these features is the Presenter Overlay, which displays you in front of the content you are sharing. You can choose from two overlays, large and small, depending on how much you want to emphasize yourself or your screen. You can also move, walk, and talk in front of your content, as well as point to important details.

Another new feature is the Reactions, which allow you to share how you feel with simple hand gestures that trigger fun, frame-filling 3D effects, such as balloons, confetti, hearts, and more. These effects can add some flair and excitement to your video calls, as well as express your emotions more clearly.

macOS Sonoma also makes it easier to share your screen with a new Screen Sharing picker that lets you choose an app or multiple apps to share from the window you are in. You can also control the composition of your video when using a Studio Display or an iPhone as your camera, with zoom and pan controls and a Recenter option that automatically places you in the center of the frame.

Safari and Passwords Improvements

Safari, the default web browser on Mac, also gets some big updates in macOS Sonoma. One of them is the ability to create profiles that keep your browsing separate for different topics, such as work, personal, school, and more. Profiles help you separate your history, extensions, tab groups, cookies, and favorites, and you can quickly switch between them as you browse.

Safari also enhances its private browsing mode, which now locks your private browsing windows when you are not using them, requiring you to unlock them with a password or Touch ID. In addition, Safari now blocks known trackers from loading on pages, and even removes tracking that can identify you from URLs.

Another new feature in Safari is the ability to use any website like an app. You can add any website to your Dock, and it will open in a simplified toolbar with notifications and an app-like experience. This can be useful for websites that you use frequently or that offer web-based services, such as email, social media, or streaming.

macOS Sonoma also makes it easier to manage your passwords and protect your online accounts. You can now share a set of passwords with your trusted contacts, such as your family or friends, so they can access your shared accounts without having to remember or type the passwords. You can also use passkeys, which are unique and secure codes that replace passwords and work with Face ID or Touch ID to sign in to websites and apps.

Optimized Gaming Experience

If you are a gamer, you will love the new features that macOS Sonoma brings to enhance your gaming experience. With the power of Apple silicon, Macs can run demanding games with great performance, long battery life, and breathtaking visuals. macOS Sonoma improves the gaming experience even further with Game Mode, which provides more consistent frame rates and dramatically reduces input and audio latency with wireless game controllers and AirPods.

Game Mode also optimizes your Mac for gaming by automatically adjusting the system settings, such as brightness, volume, notifications, and power management. You can enable Game Mode from the Control Center or the menu bar, and it will automatically detect when you launch a game and apply the optimal settings. You can also customize Game Mode to suit your preferences and needs.

These are some of the best features of macOS Sonoma, the latest update for Mac computers. macOS Sonoma is available as a free software update, and you can download it from the System Preferences app on your Mac. If you want to learn more about macOS Sonoma and its features, you can visit the official Apple website or read some of the news articles that cover the update in more detail.


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