Man Intentionally Crashes Car Into Second Floor of a House in Pennsylvania

Man Intentionally Crashes Car

A bizarre incident took place in Lewistown, Pennsylvania, on Sunday afternoon, when a 20-year-old man deliberately drove his car into the second floor of a house, causing significant damage to the property and injuring himself. The motive behind this act is still unclear, but the police have arrested the suspect and are investigating the case.

How Did the Car End Up on the Roof?

According to the Pennsylvania State Police, the driver of a 2006 Toyota Corolla used a culvert as a ramp to launch his car into the air and crash it into the second floor of a house across from an open field. The car flew over other vehicles parked in the driveway and landed on the roof, creating a large hole in the wall of a dormer window. The driver was trapped inside the car and had to be extricated by the firefighters. He was taken to a hospital with injuries and later arrested.

The Junction Fire Company, which responded to the scene, posted some photos of the crash on their Facebook page, showing the car stuck on the roof and the damage to the house. It took them about three hours to remove the car and stabilize the structure.

Was Anyone Else Hurt in the Crash?

Fortunately, no one else was hurt in the crash, as there was only one occupant in the house at the time, who was downstairs. The homeowner told WTAJ-TV that he heard a loud bang and thought it was an explosion. He said he was shocked to see a car on his roof and did not know who the driver was or why he did it.

The homeowner also said that he had just moved into the house two months ago and had spent a lot of money on renovations. He said he was grateful that he and his family were safe, but he was worried about how he would fix his house.

Why Did the Driver Do It?

The police have not revealed why they think the driver intentionally crashed his car into the house, or if he had any connection to the homeowner or the neighborhood. They said they are still investigating the incident and are considering various charges against him, including aggravated assault, recklessly endangerment and criminal mischief.

The driver’s name has not been released yet, but some neighbors told WTAJ-TV that they recognized him as someone who lived nearby. They said they did not know what could have prompted him to do such a thing, but they hoped he would get help.

The incident has drawn attention from local and national media outlets, as well as social media users, who have expressed their disbelief and curiosity about what happened. Some have compared it to scenes from movies or video games, while others have wondered how fast the car was going or how high it flew.

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