Meta CEO Zuckerberg unveils new AI tools and digital assistants for the metaverse


Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, has announced new artificial intelligence tools and digital assistants that will enhance its vision of the metaverse. CEO Mark Zuckerberg showcased the new features at the Meta Connect conference for VR developers on Wednesday.

AI-powered stickers and photo editing

One of the new AI tools is the ability to create digital stickers from text prompts, using the company’s Emu computer vision model. Users of Meta’s chat apps like WhatsApp and Messenger will be able to generate and share stickers that match their expressions or interests. For example, users can write the prompt “pizza playing basketball” to create a sticker of a cartoonish pizza slice holding a basketball.

Another AI tool is the photo editing feature that will be available on Instagram next month. Users will be able to modify their photos with text prompts, such as changing the color of their hair, adding an ugly sweater, or transforming their pets into origami figures. The Emu model can generate realistic images in around five seconds, Zuckerberg said.

Meta AI digital assistant and celebrity avatars

Meta also introduced its new Meta AI digital assistant, which is similar to ChatGPT, a natural language generation system that can produce sophisticated answers to text queries. The Meta AI digital assistant can access Microsoft’s Bing search engine to help it compile responses that require real-time information, Zuckerberg said.

Meta CEO Zuckerberg unveils new AI tools

Meta has partnered with various celebrities like Paris Hilton, Mr. Beast, and Kendall Jenner to create digital avatars that users can interact with in the metaverse. Users can ask questions, play games, or chat with these celebrity avatars, which are powered by the Meta AI digital assistant. For instance, users can play a game of Dungeons & Dragons with a narrator called a dungeon master played by the rapper Snoop Dogg.

Quest 3 VR headset and Ray-Ban smart glasses

In addition to the new AI tools and digital assistants, Meta also unveiled its new Quest 3 virtual reality headset and its latest Ray-Ban smart glasses. The Quest 3 headset will have improved graphics, audio, and tracking capabilities, as well as a new controller design. The Ray-Ban smart glasses will have a sleeker look and a longer battery life, as well as new features like gesture control and spatial audio.

Zuckerberg said that these products are part of Meta’s effort to build the metaverse, a shared virtual environment where people can connect, work, and play. He said that the metaverse will be the next frontier of social media and technology, and that Meta is committed to making it a reality.


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