Nebraska man drives with giant bull in car, gets pulled over by police


A Nebraska man was stopped by police after he was seen driving with a huge Watusi bull in the passenger seat of his car. The bull, named Howdy Doody, has massive horns that protruded from the modified vehicle.

Howdy Doody rides shotgun

The bizarre incident happened on Wednesday morning, when police in Norfolk received a call about a man driving eastbound on Highway 275 with a cow riding shotgun. They expected to find a small calf or something that would fit inside the car, but they were shocked to see a full-grown Watusi bull sitting next to the driver.

Watusi are an African breed of cattle that are known for having the largest horns of any cattle in the world. Howdy Doody’s horns measured 7 feet 9 inches from tip to tip, according to his owner, Lee Meyer of Neligh.

Meyer had modified his car to accommodate his bovine companion. He had removed half of the roof and windshield, and replaced the passenger door with a metal guardrail. A sign on the railing read “Nebraska’s Big Rodeo Parade: Best Car Entry”.

Police issue warnings

The police pulled over Meyer and questioned him about the unusual situation. They found out that he was taking Howdy Doody to a parade in Burwell, where he had won several awards in previous years.

Nebraska man drives with giant bull in car

“The officer wrote him some warnings,” Capt. Chad Reiman told News Channel Nebraska Northeast. “There were some citable issues with that situation. The officer chose to write him a warning and asked him to take the animal back home and leave the city.”

Reiman said that some of the violations included having an obstructed view, having an unsecured load, and having an unsafe vehicle. He also said that Meyer did not have a permit to transport livestock within city limits.

Meyer and Howdy Doody complied with the police request and headed back home. Reiman said that the police did not want to cause any harm to the animal or the driver, but they had to enforce the law and ensure public safety.

Bull becomes viral sensation

The video of the traffic stop went viral on social media, as many people were amused and amazed by the sight of the bull in the car. Some commented that it was a creative way to transport a large animal, while others wondered how Meyer managed to get Howdy Doody in and out of the car.

Meyer told Fox News that he had raised Howdy Doody since he was a calf, and that he was very tame and gentle. He said that he had trained him to get into the car by using treats and commands. He also said that he had taken him to many parades and events across Nebraska, and that he was always a crowd-pleaser.

Meyer said that he loved Howdy Doody like a pet, and that he did not mind the attention he got from driving with him. He said that he hoped to inspire people to appreciate animals and nature.

“I just want people to see him and enjoy him,” Meyer said. “He’s a beautiful animal.”


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