No Large Gatherings Allowed For New Year’s Eve Celebrations

New Year 2021

As people gear up to welcome 2021, many parts of our country restricted the large gatherings for the celebration of New year’s Eve in view of Covid 19. 

The New year celebrations will take place across the country by way of late night parties,awards and events. Presently, New Years’s Eve celebrations are under the cloud of the COVID-19 pandemic and therefore heavy restrictions are in place in metros and major cities all over the country. Though New Year’s Eve Rules are not uniform in metros, night curfew order have been put into place in Mumbai and Bengaluru.

People welcoming New Year 2021 with gatherings and parties need to follow the rules if you live in major cities and metros.

New Year Celebrations in Major Cities

Bengaluru: Bengaluru police announced Prohibitory order on gathering five or more people for banning celebrations of New year eve in Public places from 6 pm of December 31 to 6 am of January 1,2021.

Mumbai: Maharashtra Government already called for low key celebrations and issued guidelines related to New Year’s Eve. Night curfew is in place with prohibiting gathering of five or more persons between 11 pm and 6 am. Citizens can travel with maximum of four persons per four wheeler, wearing face mask and social distancing norm will remain mandatory.

Delhi: There are restrictions in our national capital too. Delhi police have warned against any public gatherings and parties with not more than 100 persons. Also no events without proper police permission will be considered legal and organizers will face a penalty.

Hyderabad: Telangana government issued strict rules to be followed on December 31,2020. City police have instructed to organize all New Year events between 8 pm Dec, 2020 and 1 pm Jan,2021.

Chennai: Tamil Nadu government imposed ban on any public celebration in restaurants, pubs, hotels, beach resorts and clubs on both Dec 31,2020 and Jan 1,2021. Despite the ban, all hotels, resorts,restaurants and clubs will function normally adhering to COVID-19 norms.

The police department is fully geared up across the country and heavy deployment of force has been planned for monitoring celebrations and crowd during the parties.The objective is to avoid a huge gathering of people at public places, which gives room for corona virus to spread rapidly.

Though Restrictions are most likely to affect the New Year Eve celebrations in many places, it is to ensure the safety of common people in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.


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