How An NFL Player in Expendables Can Revolutionize the Action Film Genre

nfl player in expendables
nfl player in expendables

From the 80s and 90s action classics to the current action stars of our time, the action film genre has been characterized by a specific type of hero: the muscle-bound, high-flying fighter played by some of Hollywood’s most recognizable names. However, a new concept has emerged that could change all that: the inclusion of NFL players in action films. The idea that an NFL player could take on the action hero mantle might seem a bit unconventional, but with the right training and preparation, an NFL player could be the next big action star. In this article, we explore how an NFL player could revolutionize the action film genre, and why it might be advantageous to consider them for this type of role.

NFL Players Have the Physical Abilities for Action Films

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There’s no arguing that NFL players are in great physical condition. They train, work out, and have a level of physical fitness that is second to none. As such, they’re already a step ahead of actors when it comes to the physical demands of an action film. When you see an NFL player jump over a pile of would-be tacklers or perform gravity-defying catches, you can’t help but think that they’d be perfect for an action movie scene. The athleticism and agility required to accomplish such feats can be translated into motion picture stunts easily.

nfl player in expendables

Moreover, many NFL players have a natural talent for timing and coordination. They have excellent hand-eye and body coordination, which is essential in performing action stunts. This means they can leap off high buildings or perform difficult martial art moves with ease, making them an ideal candidate for action films.

NFL Players Have a Ready-made Fan Base

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NFL players already have a dedicated and loyal fan base. Their fans tune into games, follow their social media channels, and follow their every move. Adding an NFL player to an action movie would mean instant access to a ready-made fan base. This could translate to high box office numbers, increased merchandise sales, and a wider audience for the film. Fans would want to see their favorite players in the big screen, and this alone could draw in a significant amount of viewers. The potential for the film’s success would be higher with an NFL player involved.

Moreover, NFL players can relate to a wide cross-section of people, making them a strong candidate for an action star. Their strengths and struggles are part of their career, both on and off the field, and their fans can relate to this. When the fans see the players succeeded in an action film, it’s natural to feel a sense of pride and attach themselves even more to the character.

The Physicality of Football Translates to the Physicality of Film

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Football is an inherently physical sport. Players are expected to be tough, resilient, and able to take hits. They also have to be quick on their feet and able to switch between offensive and defense mindsets quickly. These elements that make football an exciting sport can translate directly into the world of action movies. An NFL player can harness these attributes to make the character they play in a film more realistic and intense. Seeing the actor effortlessly depict these physical traits would make the viewers believe that they’re witnessing an authentic action scene.

Moreover, NFL players are trained to work under pressure. They’re used to performing in front of thousands of fans, wearing only a helmet on their heads, and taking on opponents larger than them. The ability to work under such pressure could help them to perform better in the high-pressure situations of movie making. They will be able to stay calm and not crack under pressure during tight corners of movie performances.

NFL Players Have a Familiarity with Live Performance

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Many NFL players have a natural affinity for live performances. This is because football games are typically played in front of a crowd of thousands of fans. NFL players are used to performing under pressure, engaging with the crowd, and working with large groups of people. These experiences translate well to the world of film. An NFL player would be comfortable with being on-camera, engaging with the cast and crew, and following the director’s guidance when acting out scenes. This kind of familiarity would help them to deliver their lines and perform action sequences with confidence and ease.

Moreover, NFL players have a natural charisma that comes through in their press conferences, interviews, and public appearances. They know how to work the crowd, interact with people, and keep the mood light-hearted. These skills make them natural performers, and fans love to watch them on and off the field. An NFL player could bring these charms to the big screen, helping to make an otherwise dull film into a fun, entertaining experience for all viewers.

The Chance to See NFL Players Outside of Football

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An NFL player in an action film would be an opportunity for fans to see their favorite players in a new light. Most of the time, fans are only familiar with seeing them in football gear, on the field, or doing press conferences. The chance to see them in a different setting, doing something new and exciting, would be a refreshing change. Seeing a familiar face in an unfamiliar role can be exciting, and many fans would jump at the chance to witness their favorite NFL players in the action movie genre.

Additionally, an NFL player could use this opportunity to prove that they’re more than just football players. They could demonstrate their acting skills, their range as a performer, and their ability to transcend the expectations set forth by the sport. This could give them a chance to branch out into other roles or industries, offering them a chance for a second career once they retire from football.


In conclusion, utilizing an NFL player in an action film has significant potential to revolutionize the action genre. Their natural physical abilities, natural charisma, immediate and dedicated fan base, familiarity with live performance can all help elevate the quality of the film. Furthermore, as shown in the results of The Rock’s career, transitioning from football to action movies can add new dimensions of entertainment. Hopefully, this article has given you a fresh perspective on this concept, helping you view NFL players in a new light. With the proper training and preparation, an NFL player could be the next big action star.


1: What makes NFL players an ideal candidate for action films?

NFL players have a natural physicality that is perfect for action films. They’re used to taking hits, working under pressure, and engaging with crowds. Additionally, they have an immediate and dedicated fan base which could translate to higher box office numbers and wider audiences for the film.

2: What is the potential for the success of a film with an NFL player involved?

The potential for the success of a film with an NFL player involved is high. Their fans would be eager to see them on the big screen and would be likely to support the film. Moreover, the NFL player’s physicality and charisma could enhance the quality of the film and draw in a larger audience.

3: What skills do NFL players possess which could help them in action films?

NFL players possess physical skills to make action scenes more realistic, such as being able to take hits, switch between offensive and defensive modes quickly, and work under pressure. They also have a natural charisma which could help to make the film more entertaining.

4: How could an NFL player use an action film to branch out into other roles or industries?

An NFL player could use an action film to demonstrate their acting skills and range as a performer beyond the expectations set forth by the sport. This could give them a chance to branch out into other roles or industries and offer them a second career once they retire from football.

5: Is there potential for an NFL player to become a successful action movie star?

Yes, there is potential for an NFL player to become a successful action movie star. With the proper training and preparation, they could bring their physicality and charisma to the big screen and become the next big action star.


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