Nobody buys Rs 10 crore bumper prize in lottery for 6 days


The state of Kerala is selling lottery tickets on behalf of the government. During the festive seasons like Onam, Malayalam New Year, Vishu and Christmas, lottery tickets are sold out and prizes are given away. The lottery ticket, which was announced as the first bumper prize of Rs 10 crore ahead of the lottery last month on the eve of Malayalam New Year Vishu, went on sale last month.

A lottery ticket was sold for 250 rupees. A total of 43.86 lakh tickets have been printed and 43,69,202 tickets have been sold. The Kerala government is said to have earned over Rs 100 crore from lottery tickets.

The lottery shake-up took place at the Lottery Department office in Thiruvananthapuram on the 22nd. The bumper prize of Rs 10 crore has fallen on the lottery ticket numbered HB 727990. It is not known who bought the ticket.

The winner will usually be announced within a few hours or a few days of the lottery shake-up. But 6 days after the shake-up, it is not known who will be the lucky winner of the Rs 10 crore prize.

The Rs 10 crore lottery ticket has been distributed through a lucky centre called Chaitanya in Palavankadi area. It has been reported that a retailer named Rangan bought it from there and sold the lottery 12 days before the shake-up near the Thiruvananthapuram airport.

It is alleged that the sale took place near the airport and that someone may have gone shopping on the way to or from a foreign state and that person may not have known the details of the prize falling in the lottery.


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