North Korea conducted 2 missile tests in the same day.. Korean Peninsula is in tension again


North Korea, an East Asian country, has once again started its missile tests and has once again stirred excitement among the world. North Korea has test-fired two missiles from Ongson, a region south of the North Korean capital, Pyongyang. This has been categorically confirmed by the South Korean Ministry of Defense.

South Korea and the United States have reacted strongly to North Korea’s mischief. The armies of both the countries are on high alert and are planning to conduct a joint military exercise next week.

There has been a border dispute between North Korea and South Korea for a long time. While the United States is helping South Korea, South Korea is testing missiles including intercontinental ballistic missiles as a threat to both countries. Countries including the United States have imposed heavy economic sanctions on North Korea to condemn its activities.

In this case, North Korea has reduced its missile tests during peacetime. North Korea has reduced its number to four tests in 2020 and eight in 2021. North Korea has not conducted any test since January this year until yesterday. Therefore, international organizations including the UN have not imposed any sanctions on North Korea this year. It is seen that North Korea is reducing and suppressing its testing due to its impact on the spread of the coronavirus.

In this case, last week, North Korea announced that the coronavirus has completely disappeared in its country. Following this, within a few days, North Korea resumed its missile tests, so there is excitement again in the Korean Peninsula.


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