‘Omicron Virus’ in China: Many people are paralyzed at home


Beijing: In China’s cities of Jian and Shanghai, shops and malls were closed after more than 300 people were infected with the coronavirus. As a result, lakhs of people are stuck in their homes.

President Jingping wants China to become a country without the coronavirus. Therefore, despite the slight increase in the number of corona cases, a curfew has been imposed and everyone is being tested. The curfew was relaxed last month after the number of corona cases decreased in Shanghai.

In this case, yesterday in the cities of Shanghai and Xi’an, it was revealed that more than 300 people were affected by the coronavirus. Many of them were infected with the virulent ‘Omicron’ virus, a variant of the Coronavirus, so temporary restrictions were imposed in the city of Xi’an to prevent the spread of the virus.

All offices, shops, malls, and entertainment centers were closed yesterday in Jian city. Many people are waiting in long queues to get tested for Corona. Curfew restrictions have been imposed in many parts of Shanghai.

This week, Nomura estimates that 11 million people are stuck at home due to partial or total lockdown in China.


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