Opinion: Biden impeachment inquiry is a Trump vendetta and nothing more


The House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden is a baseless and partisan attempt to undermine his legitimacy and distract from the real issues facing the country. It is driven by the former president Donald Trump’s personal vendetta against Biden, who defeated him in the 2020 election and exposed his lies and corruption.

The inquiry lacks evidence and credibility

The inquiry, announced by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on September 12, 2023, will focus on allegations of improper business dealings by Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and whether the president benefited from them. However, these allegations have been repeatedly debunked by independent investigations and media reports. There is no evidence that Biden ever discussed business deals with his son or used his influence as vice president to help him. In fact, Biden has released his tax returns and financial disclosures, which show no income from foreign sources.

The inquiry will also rely on the testimony of Devon Archer, a former business partner of Hunter Biden, who claimed that he put Joe Biden on speaker phone with potential business associates “maybe 20 times” over 10 years. However, Archer’s credibility is questionable, as he was convicted of securities fraud in 2018 and is currently appealing his sentence. Moreover, Archer admitted that the phone calls were “casual conversations” that never delved into Hunter Biden’s business dealings or any conflict of interest.

The inquiry is clearly a political stunt, as it was launched without any bipartisan support or consultation with the House Democrats. It is also a violation of the House rules, which require a majority vote to authorize an impeachment inquiry. The Republicans are abusing their power as the majority party to pursue a witch hunt against Biden, without any regard for the rule of law or the separation of powers.

The inquiry is a distraction from the real challenges facing the country

The impeachment inquiry is a waste of time and resources, as it diverts attention from the urgent challenges facing the country and the world. The US is still recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, which has claimed over 700,000 lives and caused economic hardship for millions of Americans. The US is also facing a debt-ceiling crisis, which could trigger a default and a global financial meltdown if not resolved by October 18.

Biden impeachment inquiry is a Trump

The US is also dealing with the aftermath of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, which has created a humanitarian and security crisis in the region. The US is also confronting the threats posed by climate change, cyberattacks, terrorism, nuclear proliferation, and authoritarian regimes.

Instead of working with Biden to address these issues, the Republicans are trying to sabotage his agenda and undermine his leadership. They are obstructing his efforts to pass the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill, which would invest in infrastructure, health care, education, child care, clean energy, and social programs. They are also opposing his efforts to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations to pay for these investments. They are also spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories about Biden’s policies and actions, such as his vaccine mandates and his handling of the border crisis.

The Republicans are not interested in governing or solving problems. They are only interested in scoring political points and appeasing their base. They are following the playbook of Trump, who has not conceded defeat and continues to peddle the big lie that the election was stolen from him. Trump has also urged his supporters to pressure the Republicans to impeach Biden or face his wrath in the 2024 primaries.

The inquiry is doomed to fail

The impeachment inquiry is a futile exercise, as it has no chance of succeeding. Even if the House Republicans manage to pass articles of impeachment against Biden, they will face a dead end in the Senate, where they need a two-thirds majority to convict him. The Democrats control 50 seats in the Senate, plus the tie-breaking vote of Vice President Kamala Harris. There is no indication that any Democrat would defect and join the Republicans in ousting Biden from office.

The impeachment inquiry will only backfire on the Republicans, as it will alienate the majority of Americans who support Biden and his policies. According to a recent CNN poll, Biden has an approval rating of 52%, while McCarthy has an approval rating of 28%. The same poll found that 58% of Americans oppose impeaching Biden, while 39% support it. The impeachment inquiry will also energize the Democrats and their allies to rally behind Biden and defend his presidency. It will also motivate them to turn out in large numbers in the 2024 midterm elections and prevent the Republicans from taking back control of Congress.

The impeachment inquiry is nothing more than a Trump vendetta and nothing more. It is an insult to the American people and an assault on democracy. It should be rejected and resisted by all patriotic citizens who value truth, justice, and unity.


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