Pisces, September is Your Month to Shine: Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope


Are you ready for some cosmic magic, Pisces? September 2023 is a month full of opportunities, surprises, and romance for you. Whether you are single or in a relationship, you can expect some major changes in your love life. You may also find yourself more creative, confident, and expressive than ever before. Here’s what the stars have in store for you this month.

Venus Goes Direct: Time to Celebrate

The month starts off with a bang as Venus, the planet of love and beauty, ends its retrograde period in Leo on September 3. This means that any delays or frustrations you may have experienced in your work, health, or daily routine are finally over. You can now enjoy a smoother and more satisfying flow of energy in these areas of your life.

Venus direct also brings some positive news for your relationships. If you have been feeling distant or misunderstood by your partner, you can now reconnect and rekindle the spark. If you are single, you may meet someone who makes your heart skip a beat. Either way, you are ready to express your feelings and desires with more passion and confidence.

Mercury Goes Retrograde: Time to Reflect

While Venus goes direct, another planet goes retrograde: Mercury, the planet of communication and logic. Mercury retrograde begins on September 4 in Virgo and your seventh house of partnerships. This means that you may encounter some misunderstandings, miscommunications, or mix-ups with your significant other or business partner. You may also have to deal with some unresolved issues from the past.

Pisces, September is Your Month to Shine

Mercury retrograde is not all bad, though. It also gives you a chance to review and revise your relationship goals and expectations. You may discover some hidden truths or insights that can help you improve your bond. You may also reconnect with someone from your past who still has a place in your heart.

New Moon in Virgo: Time to Start Fresh

The new moon in Virgo on September 14 marks a new beginning for your relationships. This is a great time to set your intentions and make your wishes for the future. You may also initiate a new project or contract with someone who shares your vision and values.

The new moon in Virgo also helps you to be more practical and realistic about your relationships. You may realize that no one is perfect and that you need to accept and appreciate your partner for who they are. You may also learn to be more flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances.

Libra Season Begins: Time to Balance

The sun enters Libra and your eighth house of intimacy, transformation, and shared resources on September 22. This marks the beginning of Libra season, a time when you are more focused on deepening your connections with others. You may also explore some hidden aspects of yourself and your desires.

Libra season also challenges you to find a balance between giving and receiving, trusting and letting go, merging and separating. You may have to deal with some power struggles or conflicts with your partner or someone else who has a stake in your life. You may also have to make some important decisions or changes regarding your finances, taxes, debts, or inheritances.

Full Moon in Aries: Time to Release

The full moon in Aries on September 29 illuminates your second house of money, values, and self-worth. This is a time when you may see the results of your efforts and achievements in these areas of your life. You may also receive some recognition or reward for your work.

The full moon in Aries also urges you to let go of anything that is holding you back from expressing your true self and pursuing your passions. You may have to face some challenges or opposition from others who do not share your vision or values. You may also have to deal with some unexpected expenses or losses.

Venus Squares Uranus: Time to Expect the Unexpected

The month ends with a bang as Venus in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus on September 29. This is a time when you may experience some sudden changes or surprises in your love life or finances. You may feel restless or bored with your current situation and crave more excitement and freedom.

Venus square Uranus also brings some opportunities for innovation and creativity. You may discover some new ways of expressing yourself or making money. You may also meet someone who is different from anyone you have ever known before.

Pisces, September 2023 is a month full of ups and downs for you. But no matter what happens, remember that you have the power to create your own reality with your imagination and intuition.


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