Google Pixel 8’s Grey Color is a Mystery


Google is expected to launch its new flagship smartphones, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, on October 4, 2023. The devices have been leaked extensively in the past few weeks, revealing their design, specifications, and features. However, one aspect of the Pixel 8 series that remains unclear is the color options, especially the grey variant of the Pixel 8.

What is the Pixel 8’s grey color?

The Pixel 8 is rumored to come in three color options: Licorice (black), Haze (grey), and Peony (pink-ish). However, the grey color has been confusing, as it appears to have different shades in different leaks. Some renders show it as a dull grey, while others show it as a slightly greenish hue. Google also seems to suggest that it is a green color by using a vibrant green wallpaper for the device in some promotional materials.

The confusion is compounded by the fact that the grey color was previously linked to a name called Jade, which implies a greenish tone. However, the latest leaks do not use this name, and instead call it Haze. It is possible that Google changed the name of the color, or that Jade is a different color that will be released later.

Why is the Pixel 8’s grey color important?

The Pixel 8’s grey color is important because it could be a deciding factor for some potential buyers. The color of a smartphone is a personal preference, and some people may prefer a more neutral or subtle color than a bright or flashy one. The grey color could also appeal to those who want a different look from the usual black or white options.

Google Pixel 8’s Grey Color is a Mystery

The grey color could also have an impact on the availability and demand of the Pixel 8. If the grey color is limited or exclusive to certain regions or carriers, it could create a scarcity or a hype for the device. Alternatively, if the grey color is widely available, it could affect the sales of the other color options.

How to choose the Pixel 8’s grey color?

The best way to choose the Pixel 8’s grey color is to wait for the official announcement and see the device in person. The renders and leaks may not accurately reflect the true color of the device, as they could be affected by lighting, editing, or compression. The official images and videos from Google will likely show the device in its best light, and give a better idea of how the grey color looks.

Another way to choose the Pixel 8’s grey color is to compare it with the other color options and see which one suits your taste and style. The Pixel 8 Pro will also come in three color options: Licorice, Sky (blue), and Porcelain (off-white). The Pro model will have a chrome-finished chassis and camera bar, while the regular model will have a matte finish. You can also consider the color of the accessories, such as the cases and the earbuds, that will match or contrast with the device.


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