How Google’s Pixel 8 might beat iPhone with voice reply feature


Google is reportedly working on a new feature for its upcoming Pixel 8 smartphone that could make it easier to reply to notifications using voice commands. The feature, which was discovered by Android developer Mishaal Rahman, would allow users to dictate and send messages through Google Assistant without touching the screen.

Voice reply feature could be a game-changer

The voice reply feature could be a game-changer for Pixel users, especially in situations where they can’t or don’t want to use their hands to type. For example, if a user is driving, cooking, or exercising, they could simply say “Hey Google, reply” or just “reply” under certain conditions, and then speak their message. Google Assistant would then prompt them to confirm and send the message to the recipient.

This feature could also be useful for people with disabilities or impairments that make it difficult to use a touchscreen keyboard. Voice reply could offer them a more accessible and convenient way to communicate with their contacts.

iPhone users are jealous of Pixel’s voice reply feature

The voice reply feature has already sparked some envy among iPhone users, who wish they had a similar option on their devices. One of them is Chris Smith, a longtime iPhone user and writer for, who said he was “jealous” of the rumored Pixel 8 feature. He said that he wanted a feature that would let him do more things with his voice, like answering notifications hands-free when they come in.

How Google’s Pixel 8 might beat iPhone

Smith also said that he expected such a feature to be available on Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro headset, which is rumored to be a spatial computer that will support computing at the speed of thought. He said that the Vision Pro would be faster than his Mac, iPhone, and iPad because of how he would interact with it, using eye tracking, finger tapping, and voice commands.

Pixel 8 might have other exclusive features

The voice reply feature is not the only enhancement expected to be seen in the Pixel 8. Reports suggest that Google will bring in an AI-based feature that will allow Pixel smartphone users to remove background noise from videos. Another feature is said to enhance the quality of group photos.

The Pixel 8 is also expected to be the first smartphone to run on Google’s own Tensor chip, which is designed to improve the performance of AI and machine learning tasks. The Tensor chip could give the Pixel 8 an edge over other Android phones and even the iPhone in terms of camera quality, speech recognition, and security.

Pixel 8 launch date and availability

Google has not confirmed the exact launch date of the Pixel 8 yet, but recent news suggests that the new phones will probably be released in late October. The Pixel 8 series is likely to include two models: the Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro. The latter might have a larger screen size, higher refresh rate, and wireless charging support.

The Pixel 8 series might also come with eSIM only models in some regions, which means that users will not need a physical SIM card to connect to a network. This could make it easier for users to switch carriers or travel internationally.


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