Rahul Gandhi displays martial arts skills with Olympic wrestler Bajrang Punia


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi surprised everyone with his martial arts skills when he met Olympic bronze medallist Bajrang Punia and other wrestlers at Jhajjar in Haryana on Wednesday. Gandhi, who holds a black belt in Japanese martial art Aikido, showed some jiu-jitsu moves and pinned Punia down on the mat.

Gandhi meets wrestlers amid WFI controversy

Gandhi’s visit to the wrestling academy in Jhajjar came amid a controversy over the election of Brij Bhushan Singh’s close aide as the president of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI). Punia, who had returned his Padma Shri award to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in protest, had invited Gandhi to meet him and other wrestlers.

Gandhi accepted the invitation and spent about an hour with the wrestlers, discussing their issues and problems. He also praised them for their achievements and assured them of his support. He said that he was proud of the wrestlers and their contribution to the country.

Gandhi shows jiu-jitsu skills with Punia

During his interaction with the wrestlers, Gandhi also demonstrated his jiu-jitsu skills with Punia, who had won a bronze medal in the 65 kg freestyle category at the Tokyo Olympics. In a video uploaded by Punia on ‘X’ on Thursday, Gandhi can be seen showing the ‘locks’ and ‘chokes’ technique in jiu-jitsu as he pins Punia down on the mat.

Rahul Gandhi displays martial arts skills

Punia, who seemed impressed by Gandhi’s skills, said that he was happy to learn from him and thanked him for his visit. He also said that Gandhi was very humble and friendly, and that he had a good knowledge of wrestling and martial arts.

Gandhi’s interest in martial arts

Gandhi, who is known for his fitness and sports activities, has been practising Aikido with his coach Sensei Paritos Kar since 2009. He has also been to Japan headquarters and stayed there for 10 days to master the martial art form. He was awarded the black belt in 2013 by a Japanese master who had come to India.

Gandhi has also learned Brazilian jiu-jitsu from London and also knows sword fighting. His coach Kar said that Gandhi was greatly impressed once when he told him that ideology should be sharp and straightforward like a sword’s edge.


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