Russia – America bought weapons from North Korea sensational news.


The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for the past few months. At present, Russia is facing a shortage of weapons. So it has been reported that they have bought missiles and artillery shells from North Korea.

According to US intelligence, the Russian Ministry of Defense has purchased missiles and artillery shells from North Korea for the war with Ukraine. It is also said that it is not known how many more weapons they will buy in the coming days. They also said that they did not know exactly what kind of weapons they had bought.

Russia buys weapons from North Korea

When the war with Ukraine started, the US and European countries strongly opposed Russia. North Korea is helping Russia. Last August, Russia used Iranian-made drones in Ukraine. The United States said that they encountered a technical problem.

In the current environment, amidst the protests of the world countries, Russia is attacking Ukraine. UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said Russia had lost most of its weapons in the war. He has publicly criticized Russia for its future military problems if this situation persists.


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