Russian school shooting – 9 dead, including 5 children

Russian school shooting - 9 dead, including 5 children

9 people, including 5 children, have been killed in a school shooting in Russia. 20 others were seriously injured. The shooting incident took place in Izhevsk, Russia.

About 6.4 lakh people live in this city, which is 960 km from the country’s capital, Moscow. Students are studying from 1st to 11th standard in the school there. An unidentified assailant barged into this school with around 1000 students and 80 teachers this morning and opened fire.

The sudden burst of gunfire caused everyone to scatter, and many fell down after being hit by gunfire. 9 people including 5 children died tragically in this incident.

Many were seriously injured and admitted to the hospital. Also, the person who opened fire eventually shot himself and died. The man’s motive and identity have not been released. In this case, everyone has been evacuated from the school and the scene has been brought under police protection. The region’s governor, Alexander, has said that a detailed investigation will be conducted into this appalling crime.


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