Savannah NCA SRA Rodeo with Step One Automotive Group: A Night of Thrills and Spills

Savannah NCA SRA Rodeo

The Savannah NCA SRA Rodeo with Step One Automotive Group was a spectacular event that showcased the skills and courage of the cowboys and cowgirls who competed in various rodeo events. The rodeo was held on Friday, August 11, 2023 at the Savannah Fairgrounds and attracted a large crowd of spectators who enjoyed the action-packed night.

What is NCA SRA Rodeo?

NCA SRA stands for National Cowboy Association Southern Rodeo Association, which is a professional rodeo organization that sanctions rodeos in the southeastern United States. The NCA SRA aims to promote the sport of rodeo and provide opportunities for its members to compete in high-quality events. The NCA SRA also supports various charities and causes, such as the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Wounded Warrior Project.

The NCA SRA rodeo events include bull riding, bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, steer wrestling, team roping, tie-down roping, barrel racing, and breakaway roping. Each event requires a different set of skills and techniques, as well as a strong bond between the rider and the animal. The riders are judged by their performance and time, and they earn points and money based on their ranking.

Highlights of the Savannah NCA SRA Rodeo

The Savannah NCA SRA Rodeo with Step One Automotive Group featured some of the best riders in the region, who competed for a total purse of $15,000. The rodeo also had live music, food trucks, vendors, and a kids zone with inflatables and games.

Some of the highlights of the rodeo were:

  • Bull riding: This was the most exciting and dangerous event of the night, as the riders attempted to stay on a bucking bull for eight seconds. The bulls were unpredictable and powerful, and many riders were thrown off or injured. The winner of the bull riding event was Cody Teel, who scored 88 points on a bull named Black Jack.
  • Barrel racing: This was the fastest and most colorful event of the night, as the cowgirls raced around three barrels in a cloverleaf pattern. The cowgirls had to demonstrate speed, agility, and precision, as well as a good communication with their horses. The winner of the barrel racing event was Hailey Kinsel, who clocked 14.32 seconds on her horse Sister.
  • Saddle bronc riding: This was the classic event of the night, as the riders tried to ride a bucking horse with only a saddle and a rein. The riders had to balance themselves on the horse and spur it with their feet in rhythm with its movements. The winner of the saddle bronc riding event was Wade Sundell, who scored 86 points on a horse named Moonshine.

Photos from the Savannah NCA SRA Rodeo

The Savannah NCA SRA Rodeo with Step One Automotive Group was captured by Bunny Ware and Kaitlin Sells, who took some amazing photos of the event. You can see some of their photos below:

![A rider on a bull] A rider on a bull

![A cowgirl on a horse] A cowgirl on a horse

![A rider on a horse] A rider on a horse

You can see more photos from the rodeo here or here.


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