Sister Wives Family Drama: How a Holiday Text Chain Turned Into a Feud


The reality TV show Sister Wives follows the lives of Kody Brown and his four wives, Robyn, Meri, Janelle and Christine, and their 18 children. The show has been airing since 2010 and has documented the family’s ups and downs, including their struggles with polygamy, finances, health issues, and relocation. However, the latest season of the show has revealed a new source of conflict within the family: a holiday text chain that went wrong.

The Text Chain That Started It All

The drama began when Kody and Janelle’s son Logan initiated a group chat with his siblings to discuss the possibility of doing a gift exchange for the holidays. He also added the parents to the chat, hoping to get everyone on board. However, things quickly turned sour when Robyn kept pushing for a video chat to finalize the details. Some of the kids felt that Robyn was being too controlling and demanding, and they started to express their resentment towards her and Kody.

According to Christine, Robyn also made a comment that her kids “don’t even remember who their siblings are”, which offended the other kids who felt that they had been neglected by Kody and Robyn. Christine said that the text chain “spiraled” out of control and became a “whole big squabble” between her kids, Janelle’s kids, and Robyn’s kids. She added that some of the old hurt feelings from when Robyn first joined the family resurfaced and made the situation worse.

The Fallout of the Text Chain

The text chain had a lasting impact on the family dynamics, especially between Kody and his children. Kody admitted that he felt betrayed by Janelle and her kids, who he accused of not supporting him or following his COVID-19 protocols. He said that he had a hard time feeling close to them and that he wanted them to apologize to him for their behavior. However, Janelle and her kids did not agree with Kody’s expectations and felt that he was being unreasonable and unfair.

Sister Wives Family Drama

As a result of the text chain, some of the kids decided to spend the holidays away from Kody and Robyn. Janelle announced that she was going to visit her daughter Maddie in North Carolina for Thanksgiving, while her sons Gabriel and Garrison rented a vacation home in Arizona for Christmas. Christine also revealed that her daughter Gwendlyn had moved out of her house and was living with Gabriel and Garrison. She said that Gwendlyn had tried to lighten up the mood in the text chain, but it backfired and made things worse.

The Future of the Family

The text chain exposed the deep divisions within the family and raised questions about their future as a polygamous unit. Kody confessed that he was feeling frustrated and unhappy with his situation and that he was considering “break up counseling” with Christine after she announced her decision to leave him. He also said that he was not sure if he could ever reconcile with Janelle and her kids, or if they even wanted to be part of his family anymore.

Meanwhile, Robyn expressed her sadness and disappointment over the text chain and its aftermath. She said that she wished that Kody and his kids could work out their differences and come together as a family. She also said that she felt guilty for being the source of tension in the family and that she hoped that they could heal from their wounds.

The text chain drama is expected to continue in the upcoming episodes of Sister Wives, as the family tries to cope with their challenges and make decisions about their future.


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