Slack’s new redesign aims to simplify and unify the app experience

Slack’s new redesign aims

Slack, the popular team collaboration platform owned by Salesforce, has announced a major redesign that will change the look and feel of the app. The redesign is intended to make Slack easier to use and manage, especially for users who have multiple workspaces, channels, and group chats. The new design also introduces some new features and improvements that will enhance the productivity and communication of Slack users. Here are some of the highlights of Slack’s new redesign:

A dedicated DMs tab for all your conversations

One of the most noticeable changes in Slack’s new design is the addition of a dedicated DMs tab on the left sidebar. This tab will show all your direct messages in one place, regardless of which channel or workspace they belong to. You can also see the status and availability of your contacts, as well as pin or mute conversations. The DMs tab will look like a typical messaging app, with all your conversations on the left and the active one on the right. This will make it easier to keep track of all your chats and switch between them without losing context.

An Activity hub for all your notifications

Another new feature in Slack’s redesign is the Activity hub, which will show all your notifications, mentions, and reactions across all your Slack workspaces in one place. This will help you catch up on everything that is going on in your team and respond to important messages quickly. You can also filter your activity by type, workspace, or channel, as well as mark items as unread or save them for later.

A Later section for all your tasks

If you want to follow up on something later, you can now use the Later section in Slack’s new design. This section will show all the items that you have saved for later, such as messages, files, or apps. You can also see how many items you have in your Later section from the sidebar, and access them with a single click. This will help you organize your work and prioritize your tasks.

A More button for all your tools and apps

Slack has also added a More button on the sidebar, which will give you access to all your tools and apps in Slack. You can use this button to create or join a huddle, a canvas, a channel, or a message. You can also access your workflows, settings, preferences, and help from this button. The More button will make it easier to find and use all the features and integrations that Slack offers.

A Home section for all your channels

The Home section in Slack’s new design will look similar to the existing Slack interface, but with some improvements. It will show all your channels, DMs, and apps in one place, but with more clarity and customization. You can also see the unread count and activity indicators for each channel or DM, as well as pin or star them for quick access. The Home section will also let you create custom sections to organize your channels by topic, project, or team.

A Search bar for all your queries

The Search bar in Slack’s new design will remain at the top of the app, but with some enhancements. It will allow you to search across all your workspaces, channels, messages, files, and apps with ease. You can also use filters and modifiers to refine your search results and find what you need faster. The Search bar will also show you suggestions and shortcuts based on your query and context.

Slack’s new redesign is expected to roll out gradually over the next few weeks to all users. The company hopes that the new design will make Slack more user-friendly and efficient for its customers.


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