How to get free ships in Starfield without spending a credit


Starfield, the latest space adventure game from Bethesda, has finally launched its early access on August 31, 2023. The game allows players to explore a vast and diverse universe with their own starships, which can be customized and upgraded with various features and modules. However, buying a new ship can be quite expensive, and some players may prefer to save their credits for other purposes. Fortunately, there are several ways to obtain free ships in Starfield, either by completing missions, capturing enemy vessels, or finding hidden secrets. Here are some of the methods you can use to get free ships in Starfield without breaking the bank.

The Frontier: Your first free ship

The Frontier is the first free ship you will get in Starfield, and it will serve as your main vehicle throughout the game. You will receive it from Barrett, a character who asks you to pilot it at the start of the campaign. You will leave the mining facility of Vectera and embark on your journey across the stars. The Frontier is a decent ship that can handle most situations, but you may want to upgrade it or replace it with a better one later in the game.

Capturing enemy vessels in space

One of the most exciting ways to get free ships in Starfield is by boarding and capturing enemy vessels in space. You will encounter various hostile factions in the game, such as the Crimson Fleet, Spacers, Va’ruun, The First, and Ecliptic. These factions will attack you on sight, and you can fight back by disabling their ships and docking with them. Once you enter their ship, you will have to eliminate any remaining crew members and take control of the vessel. You can then keep the ship for yourself or sell it for cash.

free ships in Starfield without spending a credit

You can also try to capture neutral or civilian ships by hailing them and demanding their surrender. However, this may have negative consequences for your reputation and alignment, as well as trigger a fight if they resist. Capturing ships is a risky but rewarding way to get free ships in Starfield, as you never know what kind of ship you will encounter or what loot you will find inside.

Finding hidden ships on planets

Another way to get free ships in Starfield is by exploring planets and finding hidden or abandoned ships on their surface. Sometimes, you may hear the sound of an engine overhead, indicating that a ship is flying by. You can track its landing location and find it on the ground. Usually, these ships are guarded by mercenaries or other enemies, so you will have to fight your way through them and reach the cockpit. Once you clear the area, you can claim the ship as your own.

Some of these ships may be part of a quest or a secret location that requires you to solve puzzles or overcome obstacles. For example, one of the best free ships in Starfield is the Mantis, a legendary-tier ship that can be found in a hidden base on another planet. You will have to follow a trail of clues and enter a facility full of traps and robots to reach it. You can learn more about how to get the Mantis in our guide.

Completing missions and milestones

The last way to get free ships in Starfield is by completing certain missions and milestones in the game. Some of these missions are part of the main campaign, while others are related to specific factions or characters. By completing these missions, you will earn rewards such as credits, items, reputation, and sometimes free ships.

Here are some of the missions that will give you free ships in Starfield:

  • UC Prison Ship: Acquire during the Crimson Fleet mission line
  • Razor Leaf: Complete Lair of the Mantis mission in the campaign
  • Star Eagle: Complete The Freestar Rangers questline with The Hammer Falls ending
  • Starborn Guardian: Complete all Constellation Missions and start a New Game+

These are some of the ways to get free ships in Starfield without spending a credit. Whether you prefer to earn them by hard work or steal them like a space pirate, you have plenty of options to choose from. Which ship is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


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