Starfield: How to Upgrade Your Ship by Stealing from Enemies


Starfield, the highly anticipated space RPG from Bethesda, has finally launched on September 3, 2023. The game offers a vast and immersive galaxy to explore, with hundreds of planets, factions, and quests. One of the most exciting features of Starfield is the ability to customize and upgrade your own spaceship, the Frontier. However, buying new parts and modules can be expensive and time-consuming. Fortunately, there is another way to get your hands on some of the best ships in the game: stealing them from your enemies.

How to Find and Disable Enemy Ships

The first step to stealing a ship in Starfield is to find one that you like. You can encounter enemy ships randomly as you travel between planets and systems, or you can look for specific locations where they are likely to spawn. For example, you can check out pirate bases, smuggler hideouts, or hostile faction territories. You can also use your scanner to detect nearby ships and their level, type, and affiliation.

Once you have found a target, you need to disable it in combat. You can use your weapons and abilities to target specific parts of the ship, such as the engines, shields, weapons, or systems. The best way to do this is to use laser and EM weapons, as they deal more damage to shields and systems respectively, without destroying the hull. You can also use your Targeting Control Systems skill to lock on to specific parts and see their health and status.

Upgrade Your Ship by Stealing from Enemies

When you have disabled the enemy ship’s engines, it will stop moving and become vulnerable to boarding. You need to get within 500 meters of the ship and press the docking button. This will initiate a cutscene where you attach your ship to the enemy ship and enter it.

How to Clear and Fly Enemy Ships

The next step is to clear the enemy ship of any hostile NPCs. Depending on the level and type of the ship, you may encounter different enemies, such as pirates, mercenaries, soldiers, or aliens. You need to fight your way through the ship using your weapons, gadgets, and skills. You can also loot the ship for valuable items, such as credits, cargo, weapons, armor, or modules.

Once you have cleared the ship, you need to make your way to the cockpit and interact with the pilot’s seat. This will allow you to fly the enemy ship, provided that you have the required Piloting skill. The Piloting skill determines what grade of ships you can fly: grade A ships require no skill, grade B ships require rank 4 skill, and grade C ships require rank 8 skill. If you don’t have enough skill, you won’t be able to fly the ship and you will have to return to your own ship.

If you can fly the enemy ship, you can undock from your original ship and grav jump to a spaceport. Your original ship will be automatically added to your fleet and can be retrieved from any port.

How to Register and Customize Enemy Ships

The final step is to register and customize the enemy ship. To do this, you need to go to a spaceport technician and ask to view your ships. You will see a list of all the ships that you own or have stolen. To register a stolen ship, you need to pay a fee that depends on the value of the ship. Registering a ship will make it officially yours and allow you to sell it or modify it.

To customize a ship, you need to go to the Ship Services menu and select Customize Ship. Here you can change the appearance, name, paint job, decals, and modules of your ship. You can also upgrade your ship’s performance by installing new engines, shields, weapons, systems, or cargo holds. However, some modules may be incompatible with certain ships or require specific skills or resources.

Stealing enemy ships is one of the easiest and most fun ways to upgrade what you’re flying in Starfield. It’s also rewarding as you get to loot them and sell them for profit. However, there are some risks involved as well: you may encounter stronger enemies than you can handle; you may damage or destroy the ship that you want; or you may attract unwanted attention from law enforcement or rival factions. Therefore, stealing ships should be done with caution and preparation.


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