Starfield Player Shares Handy Chart of All Cosmetic Ship Parts


Starfield, the latest sci-fi RPG from Bethesda, has been out for a few days and players are already enjoying the freedom and creativity of its ship customization feature. One player has gone the extra mile and created a useful chart that shows every cosmetic ship part available in the game, sorted by the shipyard where they can be found.

Ship Customization in Starfield

One of the most appealing aspects of Starfield is the ability to customize and upgrade your own spaceship, which serves as your home base and your main mode of transportation in the vast galaxy. You can swap out different components to improve your ship’s performance, such as engines, weapons, shields, and scanners. You can also change the appearance of your ship by adding cosmetic parts, such as wings, fins, decals, and paint jobs.

Cosmetic parts do not affect your ship’s stats, but they do allow you to express your personality and style. You can mix and match parts from different factions and styles, creating unique combinations that reflect your character’s background and preferences. You can also name your ship and give it a backstory, adding to the immersion and role-playing experience.

How to Find Cosmetic Ship Parts

Cosmetic ship parts can be found in various locations throughout the game world, such as abandoned ships, space stations, and planets. However, the most reliable way to obtain them is by visiting shipyards, which are special facilities that sell ship parts and services. There are six shipyards in Starfield, each with its own theme and inventory. They are:

Starfield Player Shares Handy Chart

  • Asteria: A high-tech shipyard that specializes in sleek and futuristic designs. It is run by the Asteria Corporation, a powerful conglomerate that dominates the space industry.
  • Borealis: A rustic shipyard that offers rugged and durable parts. It is operated by the Borealis Collective, a group of independent traders and explorers who value freedom and adventure.
  • Elysium: A luxurious shipyard that sells elegant and refined parts. It is owned by the Elysium Foundation, a wealthy and influential organization that promotes culture and philanthropy.
  • Nova: A military shipyard that provides sturdy and efficient parts. It is controlled by the Nova Federation, a democratic and progressive alliance that strives for peace and justice.
  • Orion: A pirate shipyard that supplies cheap and flashy parts. It is run by the Orion Syndicate, a notorious and ruthless gang that thrives on crime and chaos.
  • Zenith: A mysterious shipyard that offers exotic and rare parts. It is managed by the Zenith Order, a secretive and mystical cult that follows an ancient prophecy.

The Chart of All Cosmetic Ship Parts

To help fellow ship enthusiasts find the cosmetic parts they want, Reddit user Nalha_Saldana has created a handy chart that shows every cosmetic part available in each shipyard. The chart is divided into six sections, one for each shipyard, and each section contains images of all the cosmetic parts sold there. The images are scaled to show the relative size of each part, making it easier to plan your ship design.

The chart also includes some information about each shipyard, such as its location, reputation, prices, and discounts. For example, Asteria is located in the Alpha Centauri system, has a high reputation requirement, charges high prices, but offers a 10% discount for Asteria Corporation members. Borealis is located in the Sirius system, has a low reputation requirement, charges moderate prices, but offers a 20% discount for Borealis Collective members.

The chart is a useful visual aid for anyone who wants to customize their ship in Starfield. It allows players to see all the options available at a glance, compare different parts from different shipyards, and decide which ones suit their taste and budget. It also sparks discussions among fans about their favorite ship designs and possible future DLC additions.

The chart can be viewed on Reddit here or on Imgur here.


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