Super Mario Bros. Wonder lets you silence the chatty flowers


Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the latest 2D platformer game from Nintendo, is set to release on October 23, 2023 for the Nintendo Switch. The game features a new mechanic that adds more personality and humor to the classic Mario gameplay: talking flowers.

What are talking flowers?

Talking flowers are colorful plants that appear in every course of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. They make various comments and jokes as Mario and his friends explore the levels, sometimes giving hints, sometimes teasing, and sometimes just being silly. They have different voices and personalities depending on the theme and mood of the course.

For example, in a desert level, a cactus flower might say “Ouch! Watch where you’re going, Mario!” or “It’s so hot here, I wish I had some water.” In a haunted mansion level, a ghost flower might say “Boo! Did I scare you?” or “This place gives me the creeps, and I’m a ghost!” In a snow level, a snowdrop flower might say “Brrr! It’s freezing here!” or “You look like a snowman, Mario!”

The talking flowers are meant to add more fun and immersion to the game, as well as some comic relief. They also provide some feedback and guidance to the players, especially younger ones who might need some help.

How to mute the talking flowers?

However, not everyone might enjoy the constant chatter of the talking flowers. Some players might find them annoying, distracting, or repetitive. Some might prefer a more traditional Mario experience without any voice acting. Some might just want to listen to the music and sound effects without any interruptions.

Super Mario Bros

Thankfully, Nintendo has thought of this and included an option to mute the talking flowers in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. According to a screenshot from Nintendo’s Japanese website, players can access this option from the game’s menu. There are two settings: one that disables the voice but keeps the text box of the talking flowers, and one that disables both the voice and the text box.

Nintendo recommends keeping the voice on for the best experience, but it also respects the preferences of different players. By giving this option, Nintendo ensures that everyone can enjoy Super Mario Bros. Wonder in their own way.

What else is new in Super Mario Bros. Wonder?

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is not just about talking flowers. The game also introduces many new features and elements that make it stand out from previous Mario games. Some of these are:

  • A new power-up called the Wonder Mushroom that transforms Mario into Wonder Mario, giving him new abilities such as flying, shooting lasers, and creating platforms.
  • A new co-op mode that lets up to four players play together on the same screen, each with their own character and power-up.
  • A new level editor that lets players create their own courses and share them online with other players.
  • A new online mode that lets players compete or cooperate with other players from around the world in various challenges and modes.
  • A new story mode that follows Mario and his friends as they try to stop Bowser from using the power of the Wonder Stars to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is shaping up to be one of the most exciting and innovative Mario games ever made. Whether you like talking flowers or not, you will surely find something to love in this game.


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