Survivor 45: Jeff Probst calls Hannah Rose’s exit ‘a very clear quit’


Hannah Rose asks to be voted out in the season premiere

The season premiere of Survivor 45 was full of drama, especially for the Lulu tribe. One of their members, Hannah Rose, a 24-year-old social media influencer, decided to quit the game after only three days. She told her tribemates that she was not enjoying the experience and asked them to vote her out at the first Tribal Council. Her request was granted, and she became the first person to leave the game.

Hannah Rose’s exit was not well received by the host Jeff Probst, who called it ‘a very clear quit’ in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Probst said that he was disappointed by Hannah’s decision, as she had applied for the show multiple times and seemed to have a lot of potential. He also said that quitting Survivor is a rare occurrence, and that he respects the players who stick it out despite the hardships.

Hannah Rose says she was overwhelmed by the game

In her exit interview with EW, Hannah Rose explained why she wanted to quit Survivor. She said that she was overwhelmed by the game, the environment, and the social dynamics. She said that she felt like she did not fit in with her tribe, and that she was constantly anxious and paranoid. She also said that she was not prepared for the physical and mental challenges of Survivor, and that she regretted not doing more research before coming on the show.

Jeff Probst calls Hannah Rose’s

Hannah Rose said that she did not intend to disrespect the game or the fans by quitting, and that she was grateful for the opportunity to play Survivor. She said that she learned a lot about herself and her limits, and that she hoped to grow from the experience. She also said that she was proud of herself for being honest and authentic, and that she did not want to fake it or suffer for the sake of the game.

Fans react to Hannah Rose’s quit

Hannah Rose’s quit sparked a lot of reactions from Survivor fans on social media. Some fans were sympathetic and supportive of her decision, saying that they understood her struggles and that she did what was best for her mental health. They also praised her for being brave and vulnerable, and for not wasting a spot on the jury. Other fans were critical and angry, saying that she wasted a chance to play Survivor and that she disrespected the game and the fans. They also accused her of being selfish and attention-seeking, and of quitting for publicity.

Hannah Rose’s quit also raised some questions about the casting and production of Survivor. Some fans wondered why she was cast in the first place, and whether the producers did enough to screen and prepare the applicants. They also questioned whether the game was too hard or too easy, and whether the format and twists needed to be changed. Some fans suggested that the show should have a penalty or a rule for quitters, such as losing their prize money or being banned from future seasons.

What’s next for Survivor 45?

Despite Hannah Rose’s quit, Survivor 45 is still going strong, with 19 players remaining in the game. The season promises to be exciting and unpredictable, with new twists and challenges, and a diverse and dynamic cast. The next episode will air on Wednesday, October 4, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. Don’t miss it!


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