Three men from Tamil Nadu arrested for illegal entry by boat from Kuwait


The escape from Kuwait

Three men from Tamil Nadu, who had gone to Kuwait for work two years ago, were arrested by the Mumbai Police on Wednesday for illegal entry into the country by boat. The men, identified as Rajesh, Karthik and Suresh, had allegedly faced ill-treatment by their agent in Kuwait and decided to escape from there.

According to the police, the trio boarded a boat named “Abdullah Sharif” from Kuwait and sailed for about 40 days before reaching the Indian coast. They did not have any valid documents or passports to enter India.

The arrival at Gateway of India

The boat was spotted by the Coast Guard near the Gateway of India on Tuesday evening and was intercepted by the Mumbai Police. The police checked the boat and found nothing suspicious on board. However, they detained the three men for questioning.

boat from Kuwait

The Gateway of India is a prominent landmark in Mumbai and a popular tourist attraction. It was also the entry point for the 10 Pakistani terrorists who carried out the 26/11 attacks in 2008.

The case registered by Colaba police

The Colaba police registered a case against the three men under the provisions of the Passports Act for illegal entry into the country. The police also informed the Tamil Nadu Police and the Intelligence Bureau about the incident.

The police are further investigating the background and motive of the three men and their journey from Kuwait to Mumbai. They are also verifying their claims of being ill-treated by their agent in Kuwait.

The plight of Indian workers in Kuwait

Kuwait is one of the major destinations for Indian workers, especially from the southern states, who seek employment opportunities in the Gulf country. According to the Ministry of External Affairs, there are about 9.8 lakh Indian nationals living and working in Kuwait as of January 2020.

However, many Indian workers face exploitation, abuse and harassment by their employers and agents in Kuwait. Some of the common issues faced by them are non-payment of wages, long working hours, poor living conditions, physical and mental torture, and confiscation of passports .

The Indian government has taken several steps to protect the rights and welfare of Indian workers in Kuwait, such as providing legal and consular assistance, facilitating repatriation, and signing bilateral agreements on labour cooperation .


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